I broke the winch cable while plowing


Ok so I broke the winch cable while plowing. I think I know what I need to do to fix it. But a few questions?
1. The fairlead seems high or the winch is low causing a lot of strain on the fairlead.
2. The winch pulls in from the bottom on the 800
3. The 600 pulls in from the top.
4. There both 3000 lbs winches.
5. The 800 and 600 freespool knob are opposit. The 800 on drivers side the 600 on passenger side.
Does anyone have a  remedy to fix the fairlead or winch so there’s not such a sharp angle.
The first pic shows how high the fairlead bolts are compared to the winch. I’m going with synthetic so the hawse fairlead is straight. Doesn’t it seem off??

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  1. Replace it with rope and get rid of the roller fairlead. Probably need to build a bracket to get that fairlead more centered as well

  2. Per CFMoTo you are to use a block and tackle when using the winch with a plow to prevent this .

  3. I ordered block. I have the fix for the plow. My question is the winch rolls underneath the 600 rolls from the top. If you look at the bolt holes when I install the hawse fairlead it will be above the winch. Because it rolls from the bottom. Wondering if I should lift the winch. The fairlead should be in the middle.

    • if you want it to roll the opposite direction just flip flop the winch control connections and unspoll the winch then bring it back in the way you want it to wined

    • I thought of that, but 1. You can hear the difference in power from in to out. When I checked online at least with warn it’s Ment to go in one direction. Not sure if it’s the same with this one. I might try and flip it like the 600. Or figure out a way to get the winch and fairlead to meet in the middle. And spool from underneath like intended.

  4. Sounds like winch was installed upside down🤣

    • I don’t think so. All the research I have done shows the 600 and 800 same winch, both different directions

    • well it sounds like if one is higher than the other etc and on opposite sides. Pull in from opposite sides. That they just took the same winch turned it upside down and called it good

  5. A plow strap is the best solution

    • yes. I’m not really worried about the plow set up as much. It only snows 1 maybe 2 times a year here in jersey. I main concern is the height difference of the fairlead to the winch. It’s a pretty steep incline if you ask me. Most winches are in the center of the fairlead.

    • I snapped my cable first time plowing and used a 6 foot piece of boat trailer strap. Duct taped it to the cable and wound it on the drum with the cable. Easy to add on when you need the plow and take off when you don’t . just use the hook on the boat strap

    • I like that idea. Thank you

  6. Grab synthetic rope off amazon.
    $30 will get you rope & a billet hawse head.
    I also replace my rope with a strap for winter.

  7. Fare lead for plowing. Broader lower roller.

  8. So I swapped the winch around. It pulls from the top now. But look at that angle. That’s insane especially if I left it to pull from the bottom.

    • you could have just swapped the wires

    • I could have. But I found that the in had more power then out. So if I swapped the wires I would be getting less power then I would if I swapped the winch. I could definitely be wrong here but for me the sound and speed played a big roll. This will work for now until the winch breaks then I’ll buy a new one with a fairlead built in.

    • I didn’t realize/notice a difference. But I don’t have that winch.
      When the “new winch” time comes I had good experience with a kfi & superwinch 3ks

    • thank you, I was thinking of those or the harbor freight 3500. I heard really good things about it and it’s cheap. Not that I want to do something more then once. Lol I’ll keep doing my research and see what comes out ahead. Thanks again

    • At this point I swap out a winch in less than a hour.
      If I needed to do it recently I was going to try the HF or a champion from tractor supply this time.

  9. This is for when I plow. I’ll swap back to the cable. For now at least.

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