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So Im having an issue with my 950 adventure… Ill prolly be bringing it into the shop for it, though im curious as to what the issue might be…

One cylinder seems to have the issue… it “burps” and seems to send air up into the air box and this often can lead to the engine stalling at low rpms… dont feel or hear anything at higher rpms…

I had carbs sychd, new plugs, filter… at another ktm shop, no change….they did not have a tech that could work on carbs so thats as far as they went…

So it goes to a proper 950 shop next time…

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  1. Sounds like a valve or timing issue.

  2. Was this the reason for taking it in ? I have a 950adventure, also. Make sure of the rubber plugs ,where you check the carb synchronization. I had one split, it makes that cylinder run lean. It will pop more on deceleration.

  3. Mine did that until carbs were given the deep cleaning.

  4. Had it been a while since you rode it?

  5. Sounds like valve spacing? Tight intake valves will allow pressure back into the intake. Carbs will need to be resynchronized once the valves are adjusted.

    • Well, I had the valves adjusted and it still did it… somedays its worse than others… Anyway, I guess I just need to get it to another shop…

  6. Popping out the intake can be a sign of running lean.

    • I’m not the orginal owner and i know at one point the carbs were disassembled and cleaned… Im thinking someone did a poor job…

    • A lot of people will talk about timing issues. It is possible but not without a fairly major engine component failure. it is highly doubtful if your engine is in fair shape. It could be a tight valve. but if you are having performance issues, I would clean the carb first. Good luck. I hope you get it running like a champ. nothing is worse than a sick bike.

    • I’m not particularly familiar with the KTM 950 but I have had experience similar symptoms on different Motors one of the things that can cause that is a failing cam chain tensioner it might not be completely gone so it still runs but on hard acceleration or deceleration can change valve timing enough to have an effect on how the engine runs a Husqvarna 610 that I have in my garage had a c c t go bad and allow almost 15 degrees of cam timing run out.

  7. Back fire can be a timing issue, is that a chain or belt drive? One or 2 timing chain adjusters?

  8. 950 is my dream bike. But it sounds like you have an intake valve leaking combustion, it mag be carboned up and not sealing, mis adjusted, or out of time (stretched timing chain or bad cam chain tensioner) that’s the only way you would get a “burb” or backfire through the carb, other than ignition timing being too advanced, but that would usually affect both cylinders as they get their timing from the stator rotor.

  9. I’m near Sacramento, bring it to me lol

  10. Make sure rhe rubber boot clamps are tight and are not cracked.

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