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I bought a 2021 cforce 600 and have about 170 miles on it and like it so far. I owned several Polaris sportsman’s prior to this 600. My question is about the rpm’s that the bike seems to run at while trail riding. It seems to like about 5,000 as the average rpm and that seems high to me. My sportsman’s didnt seem to run that high although I didnt pay much attention since it didnt sound revved. My buddy who rides a 700 griz had the same impression. I will call the dealer but thought I would get input from the group. I am in high range.

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  1. Seems that’s how the 600 is. A lot of people say the same. I have a 500 and feel the revs are perfect at ant speed really. I also use low range a lot which keeps the rpm a tad higher too

  2. Mine runs the same way. Seems a bit radical to me as well. I am going to put a clutch kit in it and see if that changes it at all.

    • you can tune whichever way you want. Most do clutch kits that raise rpm due to larger heavier tires. But you could go the other way. I wouldn’t though. I’d leave it as designed (unless you change to larger heavier tires)

    • No. I am hoping to gain some bottom end grunt. I will be using mine in the summertime to push off my sprint car.

    • I put a airdam stage one kit in my 600 and lowered the RPMs about 500RPM while cruising… it also gave it a lot more low end and mid range… basically 3 weights and a spring… no need to index the secondary… cost $100 … well worth the price

    • this guy is super nice… his price is good too… takes about 30mins to change

      i actually traded in my 600 for a 800… i just like a little more power. 600 was great but i’m kink of go-fast guy… so more power is always good
      picked it up Saturday

  3. I’ve owned two 600’s and came out of Polaris Sportsman 570’s. The 600’s do rev higher. I recently bought an 800XC and it is a huge difference, glad I went with the 800, much smoother with the twin cylinder.

  4. These bikes are gears low. Its normal

  5. It’s because of clutching. I’ve had mine apart. The secondary spring could hold up a Cummins diesel lol.

  6. I find high is perfect for most jobs

  7. I have the same machine. It does rev high- higher than I like. I ordered a clutch kit from airdam. I am hoping it will help solve that.

  8. I have a 2021 600 touring and the rpms stay right around 4500-5000 while cruising trails. Does seem a little high and sounds revved up the whole time.

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