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Drive chain Question ? I’ve always used a connecting link as opposed to the rivet type on my chains on previous dual sports bikes. What are people generally changing to when they replace their drive chain on the Tenere ?. I would welcome a pros and cons discussion on this subject.
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    T7 is a heavy bike and comes riveted. Split link is for smaller and lighter bikes.


    I know one thing, I always ditch stock chains. RK or better!


      iv a stock chain on a vstrom 650 just clocked up 30,000 mile 👍


    Split link is only good for trail fixes


    I’m rusty on chains.
    Shaft drives for the last 15 years and one belt.
    Split master Links are for emergency only. Dealers told me they stopped using them years ago and they should be outlawed on street bikes! I replaced a chain this summer with the only 122 link 525 available on a Saturday in Vegas. Non-O-ring and a clip master link, expecting to at least make it 2500 miles home. 900 miles later the chain had stretched past the entire adjustment despite oiling and checking/ adjusting it. It was so loose it felt like the tranny was slipping when I let off the throttle. A dealer in Chicago got me back on the road but pointed out that the split link had stretched as well and the clip was missing.
    This was in just 12 hours of riding.
    NEVER again.
    Chain lessons learned.


    Bigger power needs rivet link. Clip link for emergency repairs. Get a quality chain and you will find you rarely even need to adjust it. Today’s good stuff is really good. Thank the crotch rocket riders on this one.

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