YZF R1 05/06 or the 07/08?


Hi all, Looking at buying an R1, after some advice …..

Which bike would people advise going for, 05/06 or the 07/08??

Did the changes made to the newer bike make much difference or is there really not a lot in the two bikes??

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  1. Are the 07 and 08 identical or did more changes happen again between them years?

  2. See you were a gixxer man before as I was but 4c8 is the way forward

  3. Identical I believe in the same way as 04-06 (apart from the r1 sp)

  4. Yeah had a Gixxer which has been a cracking bike to be fair. Always liked R1s tho so I think it’s time to give one a go ­čÖé

    Just want to make sure I get the right bike. Had a little read up, but you can’t beat first hand experiences tho!!

  5. 04-06. Just nicest looking out of all the years Danny. Welcome to give mine a test ride you know that.

  6. You seem to be out numbered tho Seth not so many 4c8’s for sale tho… A 5vy will be a lot easier to find In the right colours and mileage etc.

    I’d like to get as newer bike as I can afford tho really

  7. If you are getting a 5vy this is the only colour to consider u263aufe0f

  8. Only one choice

  9. I have the best of both worlds Ian

  10. both are good 08 is better but just remember yamahas are BLUE !!!

  11. 2004 with 2008 rear shock upgrade

  12. 07 08 are more tunable

  13. Had an 04 and 07. 07 is definitely better.

  14. i have a 04 and having troble tuning my ecu i am learning that 07 08 are more tunable

  15. You want either a 03 or a 2012… and not because I’m selling mine.

  16. My 05 model and my mates 07 model. Identical to ride. Slight tweaks in the styling here and there, different design side fairing, the 05 has got a fatter seat cowel area. Different brake light shape. Like I say performance is identical.

  17. I love the 05 best looking r1 out there in my opinion and as for suspension just upgrade that shit

  18. I’ve had all R1s …07 was my favorite. I really like my 16 but that’s another story LOL

  19. The 07/08’s get a bigger intakes which gave it slightly higher hp and a more aggressive look. I’d personally go with the ’08 because the 07 had and Ecu glitch where when u hit 4K rpm in 2nd gear and smash the throttle there’s a delay before anything happens. ’08 is one of the best years for that bike. High hp and great handling.

  20. R1M is the sickest R1 tho

  21. First off – it’s 04-06 and 07-08. I’ve had both and the 07-08 4c8 is the better bike imo. And vastly more tunable. Also makes more power. Apart from looks there’s 0 reason to go with 04-06 5vy over the 07-08 4c8.

    Do a group search – there are several threads on this…

  22. Thank u Jason. u2b06ufe0f

  23. 07 all day mate , get a good un and you wont go wrong

  24. I’ve got a 2012 for sale… just food for thought $8500 only 2892 miles

  25. 07-08 best bikes.

  26. I plan to replace my 4c8 with another if I crash or blow mine. That’s a pretty resounding endorsement I think. Getting hard to find clean ones sadly!

  27. 5vy all day long

  28. Ok, those recommending the 5vy over the 4c8, other than looks, why? And have you ridden both to compare?

  29. Looks is all you need. If you do not like it you do not like it. Simples v

  30. Hate zx10’s never ridden one……..just cannot stand them.

  31. The 08 is a little better for tuning and better power but it also cost more for replacement motors n such

  32. 95u0025 of us that ride the r1 would not even use 50u0025 of the power properly in road trim. Trackdays yes. Possibly. Even then still more to go than most would admit to.
    Racing definately. So as far as tuning and 5hp gains etc…….drag strips and 1/4 mile hunters for sure.
    Your man on the street???
    Bragging rights.
    Can have someone on a 400cc who can ride properly make you look a fool

  33. I can’t comment for any other years of r1’s but a good condition first gen (4xe or 5jj) is not to be sniffed at, driven a few different bikes and can honestly say I’v had the most fun on my 5jj, something about carbs just makes it a laugh with the little quirks

  34. 07/08 are beasts up top with a flash.

  35. Found one yet?

  36. FWIW i love my 04 but if i could have a do over i would find the extra .5-2,000 (kiwi $) and get an 06-09 type era!

  37. 08 no question

  38. That was my 08.. i never liked dark colour bikes untill i had this and power wise it was a bit faster then my mates 08 gixxer i just loved every single bit about it. You cant go wrong with it

  39. They’re almost the exact same but one has 5 valves compared to 4. 04-06 have a longer swing arm and bigger brake calipers so they’re more solid of a platform but 07 o8 are marginally more nimble and stable under braking due to a 6 pot caliper and different wheelbase. Honestly the biggest difference is rider preference based

  40. Not many 4c8’s about forsale in my area so think I’ll be going 5yv anyway

  41. I’ve enjoyed my time on both. In the middle of rebuilding a 4c8 though. No mater what an R1 is an R1

  42. I like my 07 so much I turned it into this.

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