Would you pay $6500 for a 2003 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic


would u pay $6500 for a 2003 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Anniversary Model with 81,000 miles? i need a quick opinion. its being offered to me…up to friday….

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  1. $4,000-$5,000

  2. Way to many fn miles,walk away

  3. if YOU put on 80,000 miles, you dont get rid of the bike for that. you fix it. you take care of it. but you dont buy somebody elses bike with that kind of miles on it, unless they are giving you a smokin deal, which this is not. youre gonna have to put money in it and youre already upside down at this price.

  4. like a wife kinda

  5. Milage and price sound high to me. I paid $9k in July for my 2010. But the milage had just turned 10,000. Maybe take it to you local Mechanic. Might give you a better feel for it.

  6. Flat out no…

  7. Is he selling due to health, age, divorce…whatever? Sounds like he’s really proud of it. Anniversary, yes. But 81K is definitely broken in. I like Michael Hauth’s suggestion of offer him $4000-4500 and see where it goes. It is an Anniversary model after all.

  8. anniversary edition don’t make near as much difference in price as people thinks, see them on ebay every week with a lot less miles for $5,000-$6,000

  9. Pretty fair price.

  10. It’s all in what you like and want

  11. Nobody’s saying look at cycletrader. I️ would look around in your area before jumping on it.

  12. I bought a 2008 Ultra with 113k miles a few years back for 3k…..keep in mind high mileage bike are usually maintained pretty well…

  13. Bought my 04 with 40k for 7k , that bike is only worth 4500 with that many miles and that is assuming everything else is almost perfect

  14. I bought my 03 anniversary electraglide w 57k on it for $4500 and has paperwork on cam upgrades done in 2015 by local shop

  15. Too many miles

  16. Nope not worth that price. Its closer to 5500. And that is in perfect condition.

  17. I paid $7500 for my 07 with 29k miles

  18. About right. Depending on condition

  19. no..too many miles..may have to rebuild engine around 100000-125000

  20. Not unless they have the paperwork to show up to date repairs and replacement of parts. If not plan to spend around another 6k. 3k would be a better price for that mileage.

  21. Saw 2 ’03 ultras. 1 with 14k miles for $9200 and another with 12,200 k for $6900. Both at dealerships…. + tax of course….both silver and black

  22. Can chain tensioners been replaced? If not, they will have to be real soon.

  23. sold my 02 with 71,000 on it early last summer and all I could get out of it was 4800

  24. Try and get it down to $4000 $4500 he knows its not gonna sale it for that with that many miles just seen one on sale o5 for $5200 and only 10,00 on a upper end rebuild with screaming Eagle heads in pipes and it was nice just saying to much at that price

  25. Way to may miles, You can do a hell of a lot better else where. They are out there!!! check around and almost in December everyone is placing theirs in storage, with the christmas holiday right around the corner after the new year they will be even cheaper as I bet some riders are going to get new ones for christmas (o I am not one of them) and don’t have room to store 2 of them or the christmas bill comes due in January and need to pay it!! JMHO

  26. Great price, here in Australia, ????????!

  27. Nope. Too many miles.

  28. Its an anniversary year—whooopie–much better deals to be had–way high milage–

  29. I would rather buy a bike that has been riden than one that has been sitting. But then again you have the wear and tear on parts. Rideit and see how it runs.

  30. I think it’s fair I got a 99 with tons of work for 4500 and it at appraised for 10.5k I know I probably won’t ever get that but I got it for a good deal if you have cash in hand check the auction first

  31. THANK YOU EVERYBODY. I’ll pass on to someone else. lots of good information. Happy Holidays.

  32. To many miles…

  33. Obviously, it make a difference where you live. I have a good friend who has that same bike but probably only 50k miles on it. I know how he took care of it, so to me it’s work at least 8-9k.

  34. I paid 10,500 for my 07 with 9500 miles

  35. Not saying I got the best deal but I’d walk away. I looked for a year and waited for the guy I bought mine from to keep lowering the price. I paid 2500 for my 89 with 48900 miles. $500 and she’s running like a dream. There are way better deals out there I promise.

  36. Sometimes a low mileage 10 year old bike’s hiding a shed load of problems waiting to surface. first long trip, those little niggles start. These bikes can do very high mileage if looked after. check belt and rear sprocket first. transmission very strong, if engines ok don’t worry. upgrade cam chain tensioners if they haven’t been done, take cost off asking price. primary chain can rattle a bit, easy to ajdust/fix. prices vary everywhere you go.over here in uk for £5000.00 if running ok it would sell in minutes. \n i bet most of that 81 thousand miles has been done cruising in top gear. Make a sensible bid if you want it, ride and enjoy. malcolm.

  37. It’s a buyers market. Lots of earlier glides got traded in when the 14’s came out because people wanted the new infotainment/ navigation\nWhen the new motor got introduced in 17 there was another big surge of trade ins.\nThere are a ton of deals out there. I’m sure a bike with that kind of milage is a solid bike that was maintained… but it’s still old with high mileage. He’s asking too much. Check NADA for pricing. Good luck nadaguides.com/Motorcycles

  38. I would not.

  39. To be honest if he doesn’t want to come way down on that price I would walk away from it

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