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Seriously thinking of getting the Vulcan S next season. I am wondering if you think this is just a good starter bike or one that can be long term for an experienced rider. I am wanting to upgrade, wanting a light weight bike, have good acceleration, power to keep up with friends who have big bikes. Any feedback would be great. Everything so far that I have read have been positive but would love to hear from the owners them selves. Thanks in advance. 😐

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  1. I love my Vulcan. Has lots of acceleration. I ride with lots of other guys who are riding 1500’s. And I keep up with no problem.

  2. That is awesome news. Thankyou. I love the features this bike has to offer.

    • We here are somewhat bias and to be honest… you need to ride one. I test rode one for an afternoon.I was reluctant to take it back.

  3. Go ride one it’ll sell it’s self to you. You’ll keep up. The pegs scrape before the bike gives out. Doesn’t mind the corners at all

  4. It’s a great bike for beginners and seasoned riders alike.

  5. I’ve just upgraded from a Suzuki Intruder 250 to the Vulcan S. My main issue with the smaller bike was not being able to keep up on country or highway runs. Absolutely not an issue with the Vulcan S. Love the extra power, and can see myself keeping this bike for many years to come (looking forward to de-restricting it when I’m ready too).

  6. I’m riding motorbikes for 35 years now. Last one was a BMW R1200GS. Bought the Vulcan couple of weeks ago and just LOVE it! So for beginners and experienced it’s a great bike.

  7. Over the years I’ve had dozens of bikes sports bikes , adventure tourers , cruiser the lot , the bike comes down to what fits your needs at the time , the vulcan s ticks one hell of alot of boxes for me and most people , start off with it fits me all round reach to the bars pegs and seat etc , it goes like stink for its size (can take on alot of bigger bikes no problem) , brakes good with abs , its very light and looks Great (white and green cafe is the the best lol)

  8. I wouldn’t say the vulcan is lightweight, 200+ kg

    • For its class its pretty damn light. Sat on a 1000lb Suzuki boulevard the other day and felt like i could pick my vulcan up off the ground with one hand after that thing.

    • In comparison it’s light…. But for a first bike it’s heavy. I was riding Little 125 crusier before this so I guess I’m not exactly great for advise on that front.

    • I understand what you mean by that point. This was my first bike and the weight was intimidating a little bit at first, but once you realize how easily this bike carries said weight it makes it seem a lot lighter than it is

    • Oh yeah definitely carries it with ease.

  9. …under 500 lbs is exceptionally light for a cruiser! 😀 By comparison, my father’s Harley Davidson weighs over 930 lbs, and my sportbike weighs 435 lbs. #perspective

  10. This is the best starter bike out there.. plenty of power.. light.. easy to handle..

  11. Good for an old fart like me to downgrade to also. Anyone no longer able to cope with big heavy fast bikes and still want a good bike will be very pleased with owning a Vulcan S.

  12. You guys all make me so proud :’) Yes, we are a little biased here in this group, but it’s for a good reason. The Vulcan S is a gift of a bike that just keeps on giving. I’ve ridden my bike daily for almost a year and have not once even thought of being bored with it. I’ve put roughly ~11k miles on my bike in the last year, and MAYBE 1000 on my car…

  13. I’ve had mine for 3 full seasons now. Started off on a virago 535 & upgraded to my Vulcan S I simply love this bike. Lots of power but easy to handle Nice & light too.

  14. Kawasaki out did themselves with the VS. It’s awesome for beginners and experienced riders. It’s a fun bike with excellent acceleration, great handling, very good breaking. It’s a sporty cruiser. Light but heavy enough for highway riding. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed as long as you do some research and you have an idea of the kind of bike you want and the kinda rider you are. The VS should hits a lot of marks. A+

  15. The weight is ok. Your feet will be flat on the ground. The center of gravity is low which gives it a light feeling unless you get it off center, and then you will feel the weight. Faster than many big 1000cc+ cruisers. If you are use to changing gears on a motorcycle or a car you can get comfortable on this big bike. Has a wide turning radius because of the fork rake and somewhat large diameter front wheel and tire. I Love mine. Previous bike was a CB650F Honda. Take your time and you will Love it. ….. Alan… ? ? ? ? ?

  16. As said earlier, great beginner bike, it’s my first too after years on a 250 scooter. First of all, i would recommend you to have a nice and long test ride. Second weight may seems a lot but the bike doesn’t even feel heavy when you’re on it and goes on curves like a champ, unlike heavier cruisers. The group here is one of the best bike community i’ve ever seen, always ready to answer question, as stupid as they may seems… I personnaly love the fact that it looks like a cruiser but has a sportbike heart in it !!

  17. I’m tiny, so the vs is the perfect bike for me because unlike other bike’s that are a similar size, it has no problems keeping up with and even outrunning the big boys. Even my husband, who is easily more than twice my size and rides a Kawasaki Vaquero 1700, likes to take it out on occasion. Even with someone his size riding, it can keep up with the bigger bike’s. I don’t plan on buying any other type of bike, I’m that in love with my vs. I say go for it; you won’t regret it.

  18. Thank you so much for the feedback! You have helped me make up my decision. Gonna go for it!:)

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