Yamaha Tracer 900 Battery Issue


Its normal when the battery is starting to die, the engine turns, but does not start the bike? I have to rev it up, otherwise the engine turn off. After a few seconds everilything is ok

David Ramos 5 years 8 Answers 1096 views 0

Answers ( 8 )

  1. Yes mate, bin that battery.

  2. Had the same issue with cold/weak battery, seemed like it losed the bottom idling revs for a moment. Revving, for the first time in history, actually solved the engine problem.

  3. Yeah.. the alarm consumes a lot of power. Did not ride for 2 weaks, drained the power

  4. If you have to rev it up to start, it’s probably not the battery. It could be that you need throttle body sync. Do you have this after a warm start (when the engine has worked for lets say 20 minutes and you stop at a gas station, then you have to rev it up to start)?

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