Harbor Freight dolly big enough for 2010 FLHTCU?


Hello, I have question guys. Is Harbor Freight dolly big enough for 2010 FLHTCU?

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  1. I dunno about the Dolly’s, but the motorcycle jacks are big enough if that’s what you meant. ?

  2. Yea it will hold it

  3. You get what you paid for .

  4. You can buy either one, they both work very well. I have the steel one, and they have the aluminum one as well.

  5. They have an aluminum one not listed online that is a good looking jack…..179.99….4″”-19″”lift….

  6. I use the HF motorcycle jack and secure the bike w a ratcheting tie-down once it is up in the air. Works great for me and my 09 ultra.

  7. I bought the bike lift through Harley. Turns out Summit sells the same one for $100 cheaper. Thiers isn’t orange with a cool Harley sticker on it tho! :0

  8. There’s a guy in AZ that sells stands (Harley Classified FB page). Jack it up, slide in the stand, let jack down, wheel it around wherever. $150 or so? The frame is made so that you can actually easily change your oil on the stand…unlike the jacks.

    • Do you have a link I can find it

    • Matt Hensel Sorry, no I don’t
      I had some time and did an eBay search for motorcycle jack and stand. There’s a lot of choices that may work for you. I have an 1100 lb. lift that’s a little shaky at times-HR $80. I think the better lifts are rated 1500 and 1700 lbs. I couldn’t find the exact stand I was looking for, but did find this one (link). Make an offer you can afford and/or live with. I know $199 is way too much. Maybe call Cal-Products and talk with them?

  9. Yup. Harbor freight Dolly, $77 with coupon.

  10. You can put H.F. next to a Craftsman and the only difference is the color

  11. I’ve used one and it works. My ride is an 2000 Ultra Classic like anything make sure u use safety straps after it’s been lifted. Safety First. That was the steel floor lift jack portable..Stored it through the winter even did maintenance on the bike. Just make sure you use sense when doing anything to a 800 lb bike being in the air. It works. Peace

  12. BAGG It HARD Customs has best bike dolly check them out.

  13. I’ve got the Harbor Freight dolly and had no issues. Makes moving the bike around a cinch!

  14. Pitt Bull for me, putting a 20 grand bike on a $77 dollar lift made me a little nervous. I did find keeping bike off the ground keep mice at abay.

    • LOL, must be that tough name ‘pitbull’ that convinced you it was better than a H.F. lift? I have had a H.F. lift for 9 years now with 0 problems and it holds up my bike off the ground for 5 months also. Whatever its your money.

  15. I use a Craftsman. It was inexpensive and I feel a little more comfortable with it than I would with Harbor Freight.

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