Fuel comes out from under the bike


Hey! If I park on anything else than a flat surface, fuel comes out from under the bike. Is there anything that can be done? Leaning Just a few degrees more than normal made the tank spill out three or four litres of fuel. Still new to this bike, a d trying to find out how it acts. Is this normal? My spiked tires for eye candy.

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  1. If you can, blowdry the carburetor, make sure the fuel valve is on normal pointing forward and try to duplicate the leak. Inspect all around the carburetor for leaks. Use a flashlight and a small mirror. Also inspect behind the fuel valve and it’s mount bolts.

  2. Sounds like the over flow line, float level wrong or a sticky needle valve?

  3. All of above, plus check needle valve and seat – remove and clean, check carefully, if the inside of the seat is scratched or damaged it can leak. Is she starting up ok?

  4. Just service the carb and check the float levels while it’s apart, ethanol will have made things sticky. 20 minutes job ?

  5. There are no signs of leakage except when the bike is leaning to much. I’ll check around the carb. The fuel flows out from a tube under the bike. It’s not a problem as long as I park on flat surfaces. Wouldn’t most of the suggestions above create a leak that would be visible independently of the angle of the bike?

  6. The petcock is vacuum operated, if it losing more than a little fuel while not running then I would start there …

    • Okay! I traced the tube that fuel comes out of up to the left side of the carb. Have not inspected more yet.

    • If fuel is coming out of the overflow(?) then u have at least 2 issues. The petcock itself and a dirty inlet valve seems likely

    • Can seem like that. I went out of fuel recently, and switching to reserve did nothing for me. Pretty sure something is clogging. More reasons to inspect. Problem is I’m driving every day all year, so i can’t start something that I can’t find ish in a day or two, hehe.

    • An easy quick fix might be to add an in line shut off valve …?

    • Very good idea! I actually have one. I also have same diameter quick connections for fuel lines that might be an option

  7. It started flowing at this angle when i parked recently. Will try to follow steps in previous replies tomorrow.

  8. Not normal at all.
    The E’s have a different petcock. Can you just switch to one of those? I’ve never heard of anyone having issues with the E petcock.

  9. Check your petcock if it appears to be coming from that area, but most likely it’s the overflow line meaning you’ll need to clean and adjust float. Darby is a bugger to get out so if your doing it then give it a a full clean and check over while you’re there.

  10. It’s not on prime is it?
    Make sure ur not on P

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