When it gets hot I can unscrew my gas cap


I have a question I have a cforce 500 eps and when it gets hot I can unscrew my gas cap and I can hear all kinds of air come out would a gas cap with a vent fix that promble ? If I take the gas cap off to fast gas will over flow out the tank

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  1. There is a check valve on the vent. It's normal to have an ounce or less of pressure on the tank when taking the cap off after being run but there should never be a vacuum..that's what the check valve is for. Now…if there is excessive pressure, there may be additional heating from somewhere like say..a missing heat shield on the exhaust pipe. And there has been some extra heating issues on the early 500s so take a look under the tank. It may be boiling the gas. People have been known to put extra heat shielding under the tank just for that very reason.

  2. Your vent hose might be clogged.

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