Zforce 800 cleaning the air filter every ride?


I seen some reviews on YouTube that claim on the Zforce 800 they have to clean the air filter almost every ride. Anyone finding the same issue? I haven’t been on any trails yet just ride around the farm. Just wondering what to expect.

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  1. Carson Gemeinhardt

  2. Ok I have a question , my 2017 cforce 500 factory air filter , can the foam be oiled on that one. Paper filter inside I think.i bought a new filter (factory ) but wasn't sure if I can oil the foam up like my Honda

  3. Around the farm your OK but when you get in the mud they cake up pretty fast.

  4. Had to clean mine mis ride, sucks,so this is what I did, no more problems, haven't had to clean the filter since I installed the particle separator

  5. Snorkeling is the only solution, with or with out the uni, the factory sucks dirt n air from under the machine, the intake vent between the seats does virtually nothing

  6. I have 2 uni's so I can swap them out

  7. Ya they get dirty quickly with how the air intake is on them..

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