Anyone have a fix for the clunking sound on a defender?


Anyone have a fix for the clunking sound on a defender when shifting from reverse to high?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I actually asked the dealer today that question! Unavoidable sound. Secondary Clutch give! Carry on!

  2. Pretty common. If that's the worst thing to complain about, it's a pretty good day

  3. Yeah I just have some guys complaining about it

  4. There is certainly a clunk there that is normal and unavoidable. It's because all the play in the entire driveline is changing direction. If that makes any sense.

  5. Yeah I doubt anything is wrong. Some do that.

  6. Just when you go from reverse to high and low its a loud clunk. Have had it happen on numerous machines

  7. Yeah shifts fine

  8. Is it a uncommon clunk? Does it shift smoothly otherwise?

  9. Nope complete stop when shifting

  10. Are you shifting before complete stop like a rolling shift? If so don't do that. The reverse idler/counter shaft speed is fast like low forward and it bangs the forward high gear hard if you're moving at all since it's unsynchronized

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