What off road tires is everyone running?


What off road tires is everyone running? Looking for something good on soft sand, mud, and even some clay.

Dennis Kurish:

Goldentyre GT216AA in the front and IRC M5B in the back . The M5B has been discontinued now though and replaced with the M5B EVO , much softer compound and does not last near as long .

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  1. Michelin star cross 5 front and IRC m5b rear.

  2. Goldentyre GT216AA in the front and IRC M5B in the back . The M5B has been discontinued now though and replaced with the M5B EVO , much softer compound and does not last near as long .

  3. AT81 rear M59 front

  4. Shinko 505 cheater rear and AT81 front.

  5. Soft terrain tires that are good: Michelin S12(old standby that just seems to work it’s way back in) Michelin Starcross Goldentyre 216 whatever Bridgestone… Forget what it’s number is. Motoz Tractionator ST(sleeper tire for sure)

  6. Desert cross it MAXXISS .. but im in Arizona.. they make a Cross it edition better for non hot climates

  7. Anything meant for hard terrain instantly sucks in soft terrain. Anything meant for soft terrain will get torn up in hard terrain.

  8. Michelin starcross 5 medium front and rear. Best all around tires I’ve ever used.

  9. What Jason said plus they wear great.

  10. Anyone run the motoz tractionator I/t? I’ve been thinking about trying it. I’ve been running the irc ve33 and it’s a pretty good tire, just wanna try something else

  11. Bridgestone M59 front , Kenda Southwick 2 ( much improved ) rear

  12. MX32’s for the win. AT81 is good all around. And MX52 is excellent on hard dry stuff.

  13. At81 dunlop

  14. I have tried mx52’s , maxxis desert cross IT and various kendas and the all seem to chunk out in the rocks . Gone through about 7 M5B’s now and not one chunk missing ever .

  15. S12’s never let me down.

  16. michelin starcross tires

  17. My kenda Southwick works great in the sand

  18. Michelin M12. Dunlops melt down like a snowflake. Edit: not in mud.

  19. I SAID…Michelin SC5 front and m5b rear…

  20. Imma research all these, thanks for the suggestions guys. Im more familiar with street tires as ive ridden a sport bike the last few years and just recently got back on dirt

  21. Mefo sandmaster MFC16 EX-P rear with golden tyre 216 front. 👌🏻\nYou’ll never have anything else!\nPlus TuBliss for grip anywhere

  22. Actually there are lots of good options listed here, more important than is this better than that pissing match is to pick a combo and stick with it so that you know how it will react in different situations. That will give you confidence when your pushing it.

  23. I think all these will give me better off road traction than my 30/70 scorpions. Off road drifting is only fun until you push front tire haha

  24. M5B… for the rear.

  25. Actually just got one of the Sedona mx907 rears everyone’s been raving about to try. Should get to test it out this weekend.

  26. HIGHLY recommend the sedona 907 that the one guy pictured. For the price, which is next to nothing compared to other tires, they’re awesome. I’ve only had one other tire that actually compared to it and it was a Pirelli trials tire. I ride anything from soft topsoil to shale to mud and hardpack. A little bit of everything. And it’ll hook up to anything i put it in. I also run 8 psi in it though.

  27. I like the Dunlop MX3S’s. Do pretty well in sandy north Florida. Wife’s bike started chunking from the roots, but they were well overdue for replacement (would guess 3 yrs old). New ones are holding up great.

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