Track of fuel mileage while pulling?


Hello, does anyone keep track of fuel mileage while pulling? And if so what do you get, and with what bike -load combo. Thx.

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  1. I pulled a Mini Mate 6000 miles last summer cross country. Mileage dropped about 10 pg. Pulled with. Suzuki C90 T. Went from 43 to 33 mpg trailer weighed about 400 lbs. rode 2 up

  2. I pull an Aspen Camper with my 1800 Goldwing. About 450#. I go from 39 down to about 35-36 depending on road conditions. I ride 2 up.

  3. I pulled a Cycle Mate trailer last year 12,000 miles with a Honda VTX 1800. Ordinarily get 38 to 42 mpg, that dropped to 32 to 36 mpg. At one point coming through Nebraska on SR 2 with a whole lot of crosswind mileage dropped down to 26. At one point I was afraid of running out of gas my low fuel light had been on for so long. When I finally found a gas station I took 4.4.79 gallons and the tank holds 4.9

  4. Smiles per gallon the same.
    It’s not how fast you ride, it’s how well you ride fast.

  5. 35 to 38 mpg. Pulling around 350 lbs. with 1800 GW.

  6. I go from 50mpg down to around 45 pulling a 450 pound bunkhouse with a Triumph Rocket 3

  7. My liege drops by 1/3 with the Goldwing 1800 and drops to almost 1/2 with the HD ultra classic. With trailer each get close to 48 mpg.

  8. between 25-30 pulling Bunkhouse out west. 40 mpg without… course I’m probably around 500 lb with the AC and generator.

  9. Since I only ride at 60-65 mph all the time, I go from 38 mpg to 33 mpg, pulling my trailer loaded with camping gear, (ONE up )

  10. Glenn what is the point of pacing your fuel mileage it is not like you are going to impact the outcome you just strapped a box on wheels to a motorcycle. I think this falls under if you have to ask you cant afford it.

  11. My bike doesnt have a fuel gauge, so I have to know how far I can safely go before I run out of gas. There for it’s a valid question..

  12. Get a small gas can and be safe until you can guess how many miles you will get

  13. even though, I know I’ll get 170 miles to my 6.1 gallon tank, I always carry a 2 gallon reserve tank. its for when that gas station is not open on Sundays. ( out in the middle of no where )

  14. Goldwing 1800 pulling a cargo trailer. 35 mpg with trailer 40 without.

  15. with the k1600GTL I average around 35mpg pulling the Leesure Lite these last two years. A lot depends on wind direction

  16. A lot depends on where your heading to. East of Missouri My RSV normally can go 140 miles / 4.5 gal.=31 mpg hauling Bunk house. It got 115 miles / 4.5 gal=25.6 mpg west of Missouri with Bunkhouse. Perhaps because due to to elevation and wind. You’re right to worry about fuel consumption when towing. Get a milk crate and buy a 2 1/2 fuel jug and ratchet to top of cooler on trailer tongue. I used mine twice in Colorado. Out west fuel stops can be few and far between.

  17. My honda valkyrie does 30 -32 towing a kompact kamp loaded.

  18. I live in Arizona and familiar with most towns with fuel stops. But planning a trip through Nevada and it can get few and far between there…

  19. 07 900 Vulcan Classic. With Cobra PowrFlo Air Filter and FI2000 PowrPro module. Front and rear Baron pulley changes. In the hills on interstates, the mileage drops to 30 – 35 mpg. 35 – 40 when I’m running the slower, hilly roads. My camping trips are typically in the hills of the Virginias. Trailer weighs 250 to 300 pounds for camping. I live in the flatlands of Maryland east coast and use the trailer as a two wheel pickup when not camping. Mileage probably closer to 40 mpg.

  20. Check with me in the fall.We have 2 trips planed to opposite parts of the country covering about 8k miles, 2 up and towing the Bunkhouse.

  21. 30.9 on a 6000 mile trip to Seattle and back in September.

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