Washington state to OKLAHOMA


Well.I completed a 5 day run from Washington state to OKLAHOMA. Went thru Id. Ut. Wy. Ne. And Ks. To get here. No problems other then high winds and staying just ahead oh rain most of three way. Made some new friends (truckers) each day as i,d pass the two or three times because of my need for fuel, waving as I went by. Now I plan on doing some camping in Ok. And possibly Arkansas in the next month or so then back home. Hope you all ride safe and enjoy yourselves. I know Sheila and I are going to.

Washington state to OKLAHOMA

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  1. do you have camp sites picked out already?

  2. Morn’n Rick

  3. Like your trailer, it looks fairly inexpensive with a nice paint job. Buying our trailer in a few months and gives yours gives me hope. I see your long ride shield, this our flat top extra wide from long ride and it works great for two people.

  4. rick be safe around here these people cant drive very well and the don’t care let me know when you get around the Poteau area

  5. Will do Jay.

  6. Nice ride Rick. Question, the lower air deflectors, have they gotten rid of the air from coming up under and into your face? I need to get a better shield for longer trips also.

  7. then if you go SE Okla. you have the Talimena Skyline Drive which is pretty awesome also; goes in to Mena, Ark. with some decent roads down that way too.

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. Now to get on goggle maps and do some planning

  9. I have the same trailer. Did the paint job cost more than the trailer?

  10. Robber’s Cave State Park in Ardmore is a great place. Used to go there with the horses.

  11. Nice lookin good man!

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