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Hi all!

Next month, im planning a 2 month motorycle camping/touring trip across the entire 48 US states. I have a 2017 Yamaha FZ-09 and hoping people have advice on which bags and camping equipment would be best to take and take the least amount of space and price.

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  1. Down sleeping bag, 20 degree. They pack smaller than bags with synthetic insulation. Plan on carrying your tent ON TOP of your bags, not in. Get a two or even 3 person tent. Why? Because you will NOT have room in a 1 person tent for your riding gear, and you don’t want to be leaving your riding gear out in the rain. (no, the vestibule of a 1 person tent isn’t big enough for riding gear.)

    There is a loose correlation in camping gear between weight and space. It is a LOOSE correlation. You do NOT need to get the lightest gear, focus on SPACE. You can save a lot of money by not chasing the ultralight gear. Still, you’ll do better by focusing your attention on actual backpacking gear for anything that is going INTO your bags.

    Have a tank bag. In the tank bag, have a headlamp, it’s much more useful than a flashlight. Also have your first aid stuff in the tankbag.

    For bags, there are many, many options. For an "on road" rider in the US, there’s one key question. How quick and easy do you want the bags to be to remove? Hard bags lock to the bike, are generally easier to remove and easier to secure. They are also more expensive. I would recommend going with a hard top box because it is SOOO convenient and soft side bags. Plus the aformentioned tank bag.

  2. Look at backpacking gear, it’s lightweight and designed to pack small. John Sanford offers good advice with a quality minimum two man tent, maybe even a three man tent. Take plenty of quarters for washing and showers. Take a quality rain suit, quality mattress pad that has a high "R" factor, get a tent that has a full rain fly and a bathtub style footprint, both for rain. Get a good jet boil type of camp stove, lightweight pan/pot/plates and cutlery, a all-purpose knife, can opener, a nice camp pillow or a pillowcase so you can stash your clothes into it and make a pillow for yourself.

  3. You have chosen a sketchy time of the year for weather in the northwestern states. You could be fine, or you could run into snow.

  4. Bags = Mosko Moto.

  5. Definitely looking at getting a wild ass seat cushion

  6. You’re welcome to set up tent at my place.
    North GA.

  7. Bunk a biker

  8. Take couple of trial runs once you get you equipment.

  9. Wrong time of year for out west friend, you will get yourself in trouble

  10. Colorado is supposed to get 11 inches of snow Monday… Traveling out west right now. We’ve had highs in the 104-106 after 42 degree nights… I suggest at least a 20 degree down bag with "waterproof" down, as well as a light blanket for hot nights. It was 32 degrees at the Alpine Visitors center in RMNP… My heated gear felt great! 2 days later and it was 100 degrees, that night it was 42. Have had wind up to 45 mph sleeping in Kansas… This time of year you’ll need to be prepared for EVERY weather condition.

  11. That’s great. If you get into Michigan. Post me if you need supplies.

  12. This time of year, heated gloves, maybe heated jacket or suit. I got chased out of WY last Sept by an early cold front. Especially in the mountains you will wake up cold.

  13. Keep the weight low

  14. I just Googled your bike and I’m not sure if you’re serious or not about the ride. Assuming however that you are, the number one thng that I would add to the bike would be heated grips. They won’t save your ass but they will allow you to ride in October and November.

  15. Pretty extreme adventure I would say. Strong possibility of snow in places. Agree with a trial run first. Camping for 2 months can be hard. Look into camping at places like KOA so you can at least take a shower occasionally. I would consider taking a camping cot to put under your sleeping bag for warmth and comfort. Practice camping first. I think a big top bag and 2 saddle bags should be enough (that will added upto 70-100 liter capacity).

  16. I think I’d be further along in planning at this point. Particularly if it was a 60 day tour. I’d want to be familiar with whatever gear I’m taking, etc. That said, let me know if you get near Harrisburg, PA.

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