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Ok, question. I'm going camping down the Natchez Trace parkway. Any info of do's and don't on the trace. And what are the must have items would I need to make camping – riding trip pleasant. Only packing bike no trailer. Any info is greatly appreciated please no negativity…

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  1. Will be doing this later in the Spring. Keep me posted on how it goes. Thanks. Jo Maloney

  2. I have done the section of the Trace from Cherokee AL north to Nashville. How much of the Trace are you planning?

  3. Bout half, just north of Alabama to Natchez, Ms. Then later on do the other 200 miles.

  4. There r several waterfalls in Tn. Great scenery.

  5. French Camp in Ms. Is a must see. Great food. Nice Lil village set up.

  6. I travel from natchez ms, to port Gibson quite often. Just want to go up around Cherokee Al. And head south.

  7. Many road side parks with trails and Indian mounds. Tupelo has a good visitors center

  8. Tupelo is about the best stop for gas and supplies. Check out Elvis birthplace when your there. I’ve camped at tishomingo st park and it was very nice. Natchez st park is close to Natchez and I hear it’s a very nice park too.

  9. Please post your travels. I would like to do the lower section of the Trace this fall with my wife. There is a website strictly for the Natchez Trace. Gives maps and tons of info too.

  10. You will love it, mile marker 30 or 31 in Mississippi got to eat at the old restaurant, fabulous, all the way to Natchez, we had a great time

  11. The worst part of riding the trace is that there is so much to stop and look at that if you’re on a schedule it’s hard to stick to it! Watch your speed…zero tolerance on that!

  12. 2nd that!!! Watch ur speed. 50 mph all the way. Have seen tickets wrote for 53.

  13. It’s a really pretty ride. DO NOT EXCEED THE SPEED LIMIT. The 50 MPH speed limit gets a little monotonous, but there are lots (and I mean lots) of places to pull off and stretch your legs if you find yourself getting sleepy. Don’t be in a hurry, because it really is a nice ride. (I think my favorite part of it is the overlook at Ross Barnett Reservoir near Jackson–see picture.) Also, watch for deer, vultures in the road, and wild turkeys. And give bicycles plenty of room–they are allowed to use the entire lane. If you don’t camp on the Trace, Trace State Park near Tupelo is a nice spot.

  14. I live by the Trace at Leipers Fork and can say this – speed is patrolled and enforced by marked and unmarked vehicles bit I’ve never had a problem. Deer seem well mannered and have never jumped out in front if me yet. And there are enough bugs to require wet wipes. Aside from that, it’s your ballgame. Enjoy it all!

  15. Be off by dark

  16. Can one pitch a tent at the picnic areas where they have like two tables and fire ring and stay there over night. Or does it have to be a so called camp ground.

  17. We just did the whole thing. Great trip. I used an app for RV & Campgrounds. It even gives info about the place you look at. Fuel/Food are not along the route. You will have to drop off.

  18. Thanks to all for the info,
    Are there any of yall that have pictures of your bike packed for camping without using a trailer.

  19. Safe travels! I plan on riding the entire parkway in a couple of months. I will be watching for your updates, information and pictures!

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