Swivel hitch on the trailer?


Question to all the individuals that ride hauling trailers. The wife & I are taking a trip to the Smokeys (The Dragons Tail) in a few weeks. This will be our first official voyage with this trailer. The question is, should I install a swivel hitch on the trailer or will the standard hitch be good? Thank you.

Swivel hitch on the trailer?

Swivel hitch on the trailer?

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  1. Swivel will help

  2. I recommend a swivel hitch…

  3. I use a standard hitch. Never a problem.

  4. I think as long as you don’t drag it with you on the tail, you should have no problems.

  5. I use a single wheel trailer so it leans with me.
    It will be mounted behind the wing this winter,but for now it’s behind my DRZ.

  6. I have pulled my trailer over 75000 miles with a standard hitch never a problem including the time I went through the tech the dragons tail

  7. If it doesn’t limit lean angle it will be fine I would imagine. Go drag some board and let us know

  8. They both do the job. Personal preference. Don’t hook the chains to your bike. It something happens it will take you with it.

  9. Your good … enjoy & be safe

  10. Swivel is better. Not talking "Tail of the Dragon" but one friend went down because of a severely slanted street and his trailer went over as well because it was a standard hitch. But another friend with a swivel hitch dropped his bike but the trailer stayed perfectly erect. (I used to travel with many friends that trailered. I even had the swivel hitch put on the back of my Ultra so that we could still take the trailer even if one of their bikes developed mechanical trouble and had to be left behind.)

  11. Swivel Swivel… Carole Marie Schmid made some good points…

  12. Standard is fine just grease the ball.

  13. I pull no swivel dont see the need for one neither.

  14. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I pull trailers with each, and have had no issue either way.

  15. What ever you do ‘DO NOT GREASE THE BALL’ balls are made with hard chrome for a reason. It only makes a mess and collects a large amount of dirt that eliminates the slippery surface that is needed

  16. Trusted a regular hitch pulling my buddy for few years. I’ve heard talk of the swivel, so took my empty trailer and turned it most I could lifting tire it never seemed to even want to come off.
    Picture , Crossing farm field to this place every day, no problem.

  17. You only need the swivel if you drop your bike. Don’t ask me how I know. I’ve pulled a trailer on the dragon and other winding roads without an issue.

  18. I pulled a Bunkhouse almost 6000 miles during June and July with a Trike and no swivel. Spouse pulled a smaller triller with his Screaming Eagle and used a swivel.

  19. I have a trailer with a swivel hitch. When I was doing research before I bought my trailer, I read an article that made an argument that if the trailer would drop off the edge of the road and flip, it wouldn’t flip the bike also. Just food for thought. Good luck.

  20. Swivel hitch. Saved my equipment twice.

  21. I’ve read a lot about a heim hitch. I think, when the time comes, I’m going to go that route.

  22. Swivel all the way

  23. Get the swivel hitch, worth it!!!

  24. Swivel. No if ands or buts, about it.

  25. I have years and many miles of pulling trailers with my motorcycles…don’t use a swivel hitch! I have seen trailers flip upside down because of a swivel hitch.

  26. A swivel hitch is like a helmet You dont need it till you need it,then you better have it.

  27. Safety chains or no safety chains? That is the question

  28. It’s a good idea however, I towed our trailer to the tail of the dragon on three different motorcycles without a swivel hitch. I’m not an aggressive driver dragging pegs on every corner
    However I did see an older couple on there Goldwing going over Beartooth Pass into Yellowstone pulling a trailer dropped the bike while stopped
    Bent the non-swivel hitch . The trailer was hanging there with one wheel in the air.
    In short it’s not mandatory but it’s a good idea.

  29. I’ve ridden from New York to South Carolina and back and from New York to Florida pulling a fully loaded trailer 2 up without a swivel hitch. I don’t see the need in it. No binding at all. And you really forget the trailer is back there.

  30. I’ve pulled a trailer for years with a standard hitch with no issues.

  31. Maybe the question should should be ‘ who has dropped the bike without a swivel hitch ‘…
    And what happened

  32. I’ve pulled many miles with a standard hitch, no problem even ran the dragon and many other twisty’s

  33. What is the info on the trailer?

  34. I have an N-line trailer. Unique hitch system which never give me an issue.

  35. I’ve ridden 15-20k miles pulling a Bushtec trailer. I have FLIPPED the trailer over, didn’t even cause the bike to bobble. A traditional hitch would have had me and the bike on the deck and/or the hitch destroyed. Go with a swivel.

  36. The standard hitch will serve you just fine in those curvy winding road scenarios. However if you were to be in a mishap of some kind the swivel hitch can be a game changer. Bike falls over with a standard hitch and you will likely have issues and damage to tongue on trailer or hitch on bike or both and it will put it all in a Bind and you’ll have a hard time getting the bike back upright on the ground, with a swivel hitch it’s not going to tweak or bend anything.

  37. Go with a swivel, works better.

  38. Don’t need a swivel hitch till the day you drop your bike. Then you will regret not having one after seeing the damage.

  39. You have much invested; don’t short change your investment by cutting corners on the hitch…go with the swivel hitch just in case.

  40. I have both kinds of trailers. I went down this summer while pulling my trailer with the swivel hitch. The trailer flipped upside down. I just flipped it back over and was able to ride home. The top was scratched, but without the swivel it would have been a lot worse.

  41. I’ve towed a two wheeled trailer throughout the US to Alaska and to Costa Rica, on and off road. All with no problems. All with a standard hitch. A few laydowns and getoffs, still without issues.

  42. Ben…you asked for opinions on couplers, I have given mine based on many years and many miles of pulling trailers. I only offer my take on it…don’t need to be harassed by an individual who obviously is a novice when it comes to pulling trailers. I will say no more

  43. John W Goforth

  44. That’s a lot of stuff. Sure you need all that stuff?

  45. Bring warm clothes. November can get chilly, most places close Nov 1st. Cherahala and BRP to name a few

  46. I pull a bunkhouse camper all over North America and I highly recommend a swivel hitch. You can ride the twisty’s with confidence and your trailer will ride perfectly flat. You’ll notice it most at slow speeds on uneven ground. E.g. a campground or field.

  47. Hey standard hitch will do just fine a swivel hitch will get you killed

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