Ground cover for under the tent


Heading out for camping tomorrow. One thing I don't have is ground cover for under the tent. Do you guys know if wally world has a good option?

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  1. Most tents now have tarp bottoms.

  2. Consider stopping at a lumberyard. Usually they have lumber covers that can be cut to work as a good tent footprint. Bonus: they’re usually free!

  3. stop at a home depot or lowes and get a small tarp…less than $10

  4. I used to use a shower curtain, lightweight, compact and cheap

  5. I’ve been camping off the bike for 25 years and spent 4 seasons as a backcountry ranger for the forest service. I’ve never used one.

  6. 6×8 tarp should be good, I cut myself one and holes were needed

  7. Brody Waybrant , comment reminded me , I once used a bag from Home Depot that was used to cover pallets full of mulch . I worked there and we threw them out. You could park a bike in one.

  8. 6′ x 8′ cheap blue tarp

  9. I just use a cot and cot tent.

  10. I grabbed a plastic drop cloth, cut it to match the tent, and put grommets so that it could have the ends of the tent poles through it. Works great.

  11. I use a light weight poly tarp, does double duty in case of rain when not under the tent.

  12. Pick up a cheap tarp from Harbor Freight.

  13. Wally World in the camping section 5′ x 7′ with grommets….. in its own stuff sack very small 3" x 5" like $7-$8

  14. Always…… Just a cheap tarp

  15. Heck, one of those $1 Walmart ponchos could work.

  16. anything is a good option. Early on I did not use a ground cover because I was inexperienced, and I quickly learned it is a good idea to have one, what ever you can get. In short, yes, it is a good option.

  17. Walmart tarps

  18. I like to use a heavy plastic sheet

  19. I use a heavy duty tarp

  20. Whatever you use, make sure it is no bigger than the bottom of the tent. If it sticks out, rain will fall on the exposed area and run under the tent.

  21. A piece of paint drop plastic from anywhere will do. It should be slightly smaller than the tent floor so that if it rains the drop plastic won’t trap water between itself and the tent floor.

  22. find a house under construction, grab the unused tyvek out of the dumpster. i sewed two together to make a decent compact cover.

  23. I keep a roll of six + Mil plastic around home. All of my tents have were set up on this plastic and ground cloths were made. They literally are more than 12 years old, and counting. They save the bottom of your tent and keep moisture from creeping inside.

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