T100 or Tiger 800?


I am looking for some advice. I am new to bikes and getting one for my commute. It’s 100 miles each way including M25 and Dartford crossing. I am getting a bike to save on the toll and save time at the crossing / accidents. I love the look of the T100 but would a Tiger 800 be more practical?

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  1. I would get whatever is most comfortable & reliable, specially for 200miles a day. It’s a fair old poke on a bike and the mileage will ramp up quickly.

    The major worry is going to be comfortable gear for all weathers and generally that’s not cheap

  2. Deffo need a decent fairing for that distance … I’d be too knackered for any work after that commute …

  3. 800 Tiger is probably the best way to go.

  4. what about 1050 st

  5. 100 miles each way is a far ride for a beginner on a bike imo but if you take to riding quick and love it then have fun, I’d pick the t120 maybe

  6. tiger 800 all the way….. XrX model.

  7. Comfortable seat and decent fairing will be must haves for that commute

  8. Go for the tiger , nice riding position , heated seat and bars, just what you need .

  9. Tiger xrx 1200

  10. That’s a fair old commute . Wouldn’t fancy that on my Hayabusa even . Be careful if your going pcp route – you’ll get hammered on milage

  11. Move come home weekends

  12. TTSE – it’ll do that distance easily, good mileage, heated grips and seat available, can’t beat the protection from the elements, very comfortable ride and great prices right now.

  13. You want to get something comfortable for your stature & build. That’s all I can say.

  14. Always buy the one that moves your soul.

  15. Tiger all the way for your comfort

  16. That’s some commute everyday, whatever u choose get the right gear and stay safe out there.

  17. Im a courier and i do about that if not more a day few tips your gear is a-lot more important than bike as in winter bike wonk keep you dry and warm i use a sprint st just my preference sit on a few and see what you like and 100 a day is a-lot for a new rider but 200 way over i would suggest trying a 100 mile ride on your days off for a bit first and build yourself up or your love of riding as you will be hurting tiered wet cold but when you have some experience 200 a day will be nothing also be careful M25 is dangerous along with all major roads by london trust me i learnt the hard way so its a hard ride even for a experienced rider

  18. Bonneville’s are more for leisure riding and won’t cope with winter cosmetically. With those sort of miles in the UK I would be looking more at a shaft drive or belt drive motorcycle. I hate to say it but a BMW F800GT comes to mind. It’s quite light and full weather protection.

  19. I’m short in the leg
    So I found the tiger 800 quite a stretch for me
    The 1200 explorer was better

  20. Simple question and a simple enough answer in my view… yes it would… much better!

  21. 200 miles isn’t a commute – it’s a days work !

  22. Get the train

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