So, the great helmet search continues…


So, the great helmet search continues… I have it narrowed down to the following (in no particular order):

1. Icon Airmada Chantilly Black Rubatone – $225
2. Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh – $350
3. Icon Airframe Pro Construct Black – $355
4. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Accelerator – $235

Budget is $250-$350 and pricing above is based on a 10% military discount. Considering both aesthetics and safety as part of the decision. I’ve tried all three models on and they all fit me well.

I’ll be using them on an Armor Gray FZ-09, riding upright 99% of the time with limited time in a tuck.

Which would you choose and why?




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  1. I would choose whichever one fit me best, was the least noisy, and had the most safety features. 😉

  2. I wish I had the money for a black construct. So fuckin cool.

  3. I have a the AFP Pharaoh. Gets a lot of comments.\nAFP’s are decent lids, not super suitable for naked bikes, but they go alright. Build quality is fine I guess. Mine has never been perfect, the retaining studs are pretty ordinary, where the top padding mates into the front of the helmet is woeful, and the padding goes soft pretty quick.\n\nBut I like it.\nMy next helmet will more than likely be a Bell Star.

  4. I’m an icon dealer, can knock $50 off any of those helmets.

  5. Check out agv, they have one that is similar in color to the lithium gray your bike is.

  6. That Pharaoh is bad ass

  7. I have seen Shoei rf1200 for under $350 on Ebay

  8. It’s hard to go wrong with an icon aesthetically. I have a chantilly.

  9. Black construct

  10. I’d say none of these, save a couple more hundred dollars and get an Arai Quantum or Signet, depending on your head shape. But the Bell would be my choice if I had to choose from these.

  11. I have an Arai signet on the way. Super awesome helmet. Can’t wait for it to be here!

  12. On an unrelated note, since you mentioned the Kawi Concours, I did see you at On Cue the other day lol.

  13. Shoei qwest

  14. The RPHA 11 Pro has been getting praise from everyone, and the black/red Riberte colors are the most aesthetic of all helmets IMO, it’s around 450$ though

  15. Airframe. Super light, great venting, strong, good aftermarket for replacement liners, lenses etc

  16. Great helmet for the price!! Sena smh10 works awesome with it!!

  17. And the shield is AWESOMENESS too!! Lol

  18. Icon airmada is what I currently have most helmets pinch me front and back this fits my long oval heads Hape better than any other

  19. Bell over Icon. Shoei and Arai if u want better!

  20. The new bell DLX qualifier has a transitional shield for a whopping $249!

  21. I have the airmada chantilly black, I like the tack fit and it’s pretty lightweight for a low budget helmet. If you plan on using a bt with boom mic you don’t have lots of space available in front of your mouth.

  22. I have the Qualifier DLX. It is undoubtedly my favorite helmet.

  23. I have an Airmada but I’m looking to get that Airframe Pro Construct. I like the looks of the Construct and I heard it is a little lighter than the Airmada

  24. I just recently ordered a Bell qualifier myself. As soon as I put it on it felt great, padding felt nice and supportive. The lens is a transition so you don’t have to carry sunglasses with it. Also has a pocket ready for a Bluetooth receiver. For $250 I felt like it’s a great bang for the buck, felt great and looks subtle, not in your face with high Viz colors or graphics. I’d buy another Bell helmet no questions

  25. So…. ended up with none of the above. Insert AGV K3 SV.

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