Suzuki SV650S Replace Chain and Sprockets


Question for anyone familiar with the Suzuki SV650S from the mid to late 2000s. A friend of mine is buying one as his first bike (hooray new rider!!) and we are gonna need to replace the chain and sprockets. If I screw in my Woodcraft swingarm spools (my bike is a 2016 Ninja 650), will the SV go on my Woodcraft rear stand? Trying to get an idea if the bikes are close enough in width to go on my stand, as I suspect his swingarm cross section is narrower than mine. My friend is ballin’ on a budget so a stand isn’t in his immediate budget. If we have to buy bike-specific spools, so be it, but id like to get by without them for now if possible. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Your rear stand isn’t adjustable?

  2. Suzuki spool bolt size is 8 mm and Kawasaki is 10 mm

  3. No Elly apparently I have an older model of Woodcraft rear stand, as mine is not adjustable in any way. Thanks for your quick response, Elly. Thanks Allan. Sounds like at the least I’m ordering spools for my buddy.

  4. If the stand happens to be too wide, just use longer bolts with the same thread pitch as the spool holes. That’s all I ever used on my ZX12 since I’ve seen spools dig in even during minor crashes and break swing arms. Strange to see a Woodcraft stand that doesn’t adjust…You can always bend it a little bit either way too.

    • They don’t even show my exact stand on their website so I’m guessing it was discontinued. I got it for Christmas last year so it ain’t exactly ancient haha

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