Honda Shadow Wires/Butt Connectors


Alright my Shadow friends…. help! Why could these wires/butt connectors have fried?

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  1. an electrical short…

  2. Not sure, but a friend of mine told me if your regulator/rectifier is bad this could happen.

  3. Something in the CDI box?

  4. Rr is that metal heatsink like part lower right of picture

  5. just guess 3 yellow wires to stato can be pieced in but do not know just common from bad plugs get corode then fry

  6. That regulator in the picture. Had the same issue and couldn’t keep a charge. New regulator no more issues

  7. just do a straight wire job .

  8. yeah looks like the line between stator and rectifier. I’d say RG Hillyard is right

  9. That’s a common shadow problem. Cut and eliminate the connector. Sure directly and solder. Then check the charging voltage. Anywhere between 12.9v and 14.3v is fine

  10. Cheap Chinese rectifier, spurious part

  11. This is very common, remove the plugs and solder them.

  12. Old and I had the same thing happen to me I replaced the stator and rectifier and solved my charging issue

  13. Crappy connector job. Ive done it myself and it wasnt a good enough connection. It arced out caught fire and burned them all.

  14. Common issue with Honda. As stated above, cut the connectors off and wire/solder them together.

  15. Just went down this road my self but mine ruined the stator and rectifier

  16. Bad or corroded conection = resistance, resistance = heat, heat melts burns connector and wires, repair wiring check for proper operation components could have been overloaded from the high load of the resistance.

  17. Regulator rectifier failure can cause this if it’s over charging everything I’ve seen it happen a few times working in a bike shop and had it on my own shadow rectifiers are prone to going many wire melt downs and charging problems lead to rectifiers

  18. I had One that fried it was my safety switch on the handle bar was grounding out causing it to fry your wires look like they’re coming from the stater the same as mine if that help

  19. Check your charging system, you got a problem starting that’s putting a load on your wires, but once you’ve got it all figured out you can add new wires with new connectors.


    This is a common problem with an easy fix which even Honda use. The 3 yellow wires from the alternator are thicker than the ones in the loom. This sets up a resistance in the connector block which generates heat, another thing that generates heat is if┬áthe connector block is corroded…. Get some 15 amp household electrical connector strip ‘Google it’… cut the wires and fit the connectors to the 3 yellow wires.The 15amp connectors dont get hot…. problem solved.

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