Suggestions or experience with Harley lowering kits?


New to me 2013 ultra limited anniversary. Put a quick 10k on it first month. Loving so far except way top heavy. Suggestions or experience with lowering kits? Thanks in advance for input and ride safe as lost a 2013 anniversary softtail before getting this. Cage on wrong side of road in s curves. Life long rider only takes second.

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  1. Congratulations on having your 106th anniversary HD. I have a 105th anniversary ultra limited No. 216.I have gone without problems for over 30,000 miles.

  2. Number 2334 don’t know what difference that make him three years when I got 70,000 miles on it and looking for a new one. Wish I could have found one the ultra limited low but no luck I can touch the ground just fine I just use to lower center of gravity on the Softails

  3. Jason Lee My HD Screaming Eagle is from 2008 but I have 2 other motorcycles. This is a VTX 1800 chopper chopped by KURYAKYN. This bike is only for going to the bar.

  4. Jason Lee sorry to hear about your loss, glad you’re okay. I just lost my 110th anniversary flhtk. It just takes a second is right. The top heavy thing is something you get used to fast enough. But one of my favorite additions to that bike was the detachable tour pack mount and harnesses. I could remove the pak in 5 minutes if I was riding solo and the bike was so much more nimble without it. It really improved the center of gravity too. If I wasn’t on an overnight trip the only thing I missed was the rear speakers. Look into that kit. It isn’t cheap but it was worth it in my opinion. #2465 of 3750

  5. How quick was it to unplug all the tail lights and wiring every time

  6. The kit has harness extensions for lights and power, seconds. The speakers just a few seconds more. I relocated the antennas but it was a pain to switch them so I put an fm antenna under the faring which worked almost as well and I never used the cb anyway so I never had to switch that after the relocation.\nThe passenger intercom hookup gets relocated to the fender strut and need not move for tourpak on configuration, t works in the new spot just fine. You can install the kit yourself if you’re handy and can follow directions but it was a pain in the butt because the kit is actually about 5 little kits bundled together and you will find yourself repeating steps as you go through all the different sets of instructions. Next time I might see how much the dealer wants for the install. Then I’ll shake my cheapskate head and do it myself again.\nI bought a wall mounted rack to hang the tourpak on so it never had to touch the ground. That was about 80 bucks on eBay. I put most of the miles on that bike in street glide form. I eventually added lower fairing speakers to make up for the ones missing in back. I loved that bike check out my profile pic

  7. Already been looking at that relocation kit lot cheaper on eBay but no where to put the license. Definitely have to have the wall mount to hang the trunk. Appreciate all the info already moved the antennas into the fairing I just got to get some caps for the back when I take the other antennas off

  8. The HD kit has everything. License plate bracket, all wiring harnesses, tour pak mount, fender mount, quick releases, new fender strut covers. Everything is there. I know you can get the quick mount cheaply but to do it right you’re still going to need to get a bunch of crap from the parts counter and you won’t even know what until to come to needing it. Those eBay kits are fine if you just want to mount a sissy bar or a luggage rack but if you really want to be able to go both ways with that tourpak, just pay the man. You’ll be ahead in the long run in this case.

  9. Appreciate advice. Looks really clean with the trunk off .What was name of the storage track for your pack do you remember?

  10. I don’t remember where I bought the wall mount except it was eBay and about 80 bucks

  11. Thank you appreciate all the help and information cycle trader., had a couple the anniversary additions just like that for reasonable prices when I bought mine if you’re still looking bought mine with it 2000 miles on it for 14k

  12. I looked at that same luggage rack can you mount a passenger backrest with that also

  13. yes you can, as for me, I’m looking at newer ones now. the new Milwaukee 8 doesn’t throw the same kind of heat that 103 did. it was a lot better this spring after adding headers and power commander and dyno tuning but it cost me a bit and the neighbors weren’t crazy about the new sound, lol\nI figure I’ll spend a little more up front and try the Milwaukee 8 in its stock format with the water cooled heads.

  14. Understand that Cadillac converters and stock headers on that thing are stupid hot can’t wait to put a set of a headers on it. Already had freedom slip-ons first I’d ever use that they sound pretty decent

  15. I have said many times that my Ultra was top heavy. I my new Limited also feels very top heavy with a tip over starts about 15° from a standstill position.

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