How to improve the stopping power of the single rear disk?


I have a 2013 Ultra Limited with 30K miles. I’ve never been happy with the stopping power of the rear brake even when it was new. I feel like the rear brake is just for show. I realize it’s a single disk instead of a double. It will stop the bike, but damn it doesn’t feel like it does much. My mechanic tells me it feels right to him. Any suggestions on how to improve the stopping power of the single rear disk? Just recently replaced the pads. Disks are still in good shape so I didn’t replace them.

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  1. Do you not use both breaks when stopping?

  2. 80% of your braking is on the front, I’ve got a 08 and honestly unless I’m on gravel never use the rear.but using the rear alone doesn’t do much.but my bike will stop very quick for a heavy bike

  3. Change your braking techniqie 80 % front 20% rear brake

  4. Fit..goodridge steel braided brake pipe to the rear oil line….

  5. You’re supposed to hardly use the rear brake that’s why

  6. Thanks. I do predominantly use the front as well, but those times when I do use the rear it just feels like there should be more to it.

  7. I use the rear to control at low speeds…to lock up the back and turn can get me out of trouble ..your question is a valid one…most non harley riders mock harley break systems…you can improve by degree your breaks…..braided pipes and syntered break pads ( racing ) ”\nGet to some where and practise rear breaking ..raise the pressure on the pedal 1 to 10 ” think….the entire weight is going forward & one break at rear is trying to pull backwards….practise practise …think..fronts are gone..I only have rear ???

  8. Using the rear brake even a tiny bit engages both front and rear brakes on my 2015. Extreme stopping power. The linked ABS brakes are really strong.

  9. I have a 2014 with ABS ….. (supposedly) the computer adjust the braking between the front and rear brakes automatically – based on speed and applied brake pressure.\n\nI almost never use my rear brake. Probably 95% front.

  10. It is what it is. The Rushmores have linked ABS, you cant believe how good the stoping power is! Live with it or trade up.

  11. I have older heritage and a 2010 ultra big difference in brake feel your probably feeling abs

  12. I fitted an EBC disc.rotor and use EBC HH brake pads, seems to work very well !

  13. Had an 06 buell 1200 sbx lightining..holligans bike…anyway..said to a cop ireland…I Got 10,000 miles from front pads…?? Simple..Dont use yer breaks…2 rear tires to 1 front tire…dob 1958”’,why should only the young have the fun

  14. I run with a passenger most of the time and the rear brake is great with the heavier load at back. Solo it is OK but easy to set off ABS ’13 Ultra.

  15. I have a 91 if im not grabbing both im still rolling

  16. I never use my back brake unless I really have to

  17. I only use the rear brake to add a little drag, heavy on the front brake

  18. I love the Brembo brakes on my 12′ , helluva lot better than the brakes that were on my 02 FLH which were considerably better than the brakes that my 87 tour classic came with and those were a vast improvement over the brakes on my first Electra glide, 76.

  19. Rear brake?? Is that what that big ass pedal on the right is thought is was so wierd kick srart ….lol

  20. Flush and change the fluid ….. this should help get a better feel from the brake . I use the rear brake on my 09 a lot to help balance at low speeds also to reduce nose dive when stopping with a passage. I work on all kinds of bikes changing the fluid always helps

  21. By a 2014 or newer the braking system on them was a big change

  22. Youll be fine im stopping on my 91 …….slowly but it eventually stops

  23. Wet roads require more rear brake.

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