Flowing air filter and a tuner (Electra Glide Ultra)


Alright guys. I’ve got a 2013 Ultra with the 103. Everything is stock aside from have the cat being removed. I want to gain a little bit of pep without a ton of noise. Can I do that just by adding a free flowing air filter and a tuner? Or is the tuner only beneficial when adding pipes? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I don’t know the answer to your question but awesome seat…

  2. Having your cat removed seems like a rather odd “1st step”. The stock cans are rather restrictive. I would start with a set of slip ons and see if that does it for you.

  3. Slip ons and cat removal help. Did my 15, but still a little lacking in throttle response. Next step is tuner and free flow air cleaner. Should wake right up then

  4. Cam change, what your talking will do nothing. Muffler change will help a little but is it worth the racket?

  5. If already removed cat anything you do now will require a tuner

  6. I have the dynojet power vision . If it’s the stock program on the puter. It’s set to run lean because of the EPA crap . The tuner will let you run more fuel . I noticed a difference just with the tuner on my sporty that I used to have .

  7. You don’t hear the pipes as much as the cars around you.

  8. Had my dealership do tbe dowm load i think was 200 which allowed the freeflow filter,also can rev past 6k ! Bought some decent screamin eagle on ebay and done

  9. I’m doing the Stage 1 Upgrade…

  10. I put Rinehart slipons on mine as soon as I hit it home. Rode it that way for a year before I put a Vance and Hines Fuelpak on it. Best thing you can do. These bikes run lean from the factory. Feels like a whole new bike. $326 at Amazon

  11. Decat, SE slipons, high flow air cleaner, nice richer tune and it goes really well. My shop guy says about 30% improvement is normal for this.

  12. Oh and mine is a 2013

  13. Love them seats Man!

  14. David Mills no tuner?

  15. Everyones’ got monster oval, I went MONSTER SQUARED !

  16. Awesome paint and seat.

  17. Interesting I want the same on my bike but everyone swears by there set up who’s got the the best ?lol I really don’t want to go crazy with building I still want reliable we ride a lot! Tough to decide

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