Suggestions for best insect repellent LEGAL in Canada?


Suggestions for best insect repellent LEGAL in Canada? (Unfortunately all the good stuff available in the states is illegal here. HALP!!!!! I have so many mosquitos bites I look like I have a disease lol)

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  1. Make traps it helps . Put out when you set up . Take pop bottle cut top off put cone of top inside bottle . Pore mix in set out . Mix. 3 cups of brown sugar . 3 water boil till desolved . Let cool to room temp , add bread yeast , when starts to bubble put in pop bottle you cut top off . Co2 draws them into trap .

  2. Skin So Soft from Avon. Sounds hilarious that has used it since I was a kid.

  3. Can you have a thermocell mosquito repellant gadget there

  4. I’ve also hear using eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle

  5. Hey, the mosquito is the official Canadian national bird. Actually Skin-so-Soft works pretty well and it smells great

  6. Check the Deet percentage…the higher, the better. Some of the oils are 99%. Not great for you, but works…

  7. Freezing temperatures 😉

  8. I think Deep Woods Off is the highest DEET stuff you’re going to find unless you get some army supplied bug juice.

  9. Also Vicks works well little dabs around your head face.

  10. Sounds crazy but Jim is right. My wife uses Vicks. Seems to work. Skeeters eat her ass up

  11. Muskol. Best stuff I’ve found in Canada.

  12. it at Canadian Tire. Or Off in the blue can.

  13. I will be in Sturgis SD if you are in the area look me up here and I will treat you to lunch,,I am not trying anything,,got my passport and plan on touring Canada soon you could advice me

  14. I will be there around the 9th Aug for bike week, I am in Kentucky now

  15. i have heard of the epsom salt and beer let me know how it woerks whn you try it

  16. if any of you are going to sturgis look me up I am trying to find a group to meet up with evvery year

  17. Garlic eat lots and lot also can buy In pills in vitamin section

  18. Im in uk so not sure what to advise, but I use anything with deet, the main one OI used in SE Aisa was Mosqueto Milk it comes in a roll on type bottle, it kills them and keeps them away.\nThe Army bug repellent we used, did a number of things.\nA) melt anything plastic, including AR15 stock and butt! \nB) Oly kill the buggers once landed and bitten. ????

  19. Eat tons garlic!

  20. Listerine mouth wash.Put it in a spray bottle stay around you’re camp site around you’re tint .old wife tale it works don’t spray on face .

  21. Have used Muskol for years and never am issue

  22. get the apparatus that has a fan in it , I swear by it

  23. I sell a product called no bite. Its all natural..u use very little.. Smells goodand even works on the itch of you forget to use it.. You can find the image and description on my Facebook page breezes biker stuff stop.. 11.00 plus shipping.. Its made in the states and healthy

  24. I find a drunk & tie him to a tree & the mosquitos feed on him & leave you alone… ????

  25. i make my own to sell to others. I combined a few plant oils, works fine.

  26. Like I said at the beginning of this thread. I was a kid and grew up on Lake Michigan and I got out of the service and South Carolina on the ocean near swamps. Have always used Skin So Soft from Avon. Spend your money as you will. That shit Works awesome

  27. Not bad for tanning unless you’re a really white boy like me. Have to be careful of sunburn. LMFAO

  28. Avon Skin So Soft. It works!

  29. Everyone thank you SO much for all the comments, I wrote the suggestions down and will update you 😀

  30. Thanks so much everyone!!!!

  31. Whats the stuff you get in the states ?

  32. Try Vicks vapor rub. Put it on wrist back of legs and behind ears

  33. Some people react more than others to bites. I get all but up too. it sucks. There’s some stuff in Amazon called No-Bite-Me which seems to help some. Take mega B vitamins and some Claritin and just try to deal with it. That’s what I’ve decided is the best thing I can do.

  34. I saw on youtube the beer and epsom salt but also saw where you use dryer fabiric sheets both should be legal in Canada so try it

  35. burning old motor oil or putting pieces of tires in fire

  36. Back in the day when the power company cutting crews were clearing line they often had a barrel of transformer oil in the truck and they wiped this shit on their arms and neck to keep the flies at bay (this was before Muskol and OFF, etc). This is, that oil contained PCBs. They had no idea of course. Plus that would have been when doctors were sponsoring cigarettes as a way to soothe a raspy throat, heh heh.

  37. Dryer sheets rub on skin works

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