I am leaving mid August from Philadelphia to ride across the country


Looking for suggestions….. I am leaving mid August from Philadelphia to ride across the country (and probably back–but I could ship my bike back). The only two things I need to do are stop in CO on the way out and be in AZ for the last week of August. I´d like to take my time (not into the Iron Butt thing), camp, run or hike everyday. Any suggestions on route? Great, not-to-be-missed places? How long should I plan to ride the 2500 miles to AZ? I´ve bicycled across the US but never motorcycles. Open for suggestions from those of you who know more. Thanks.

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  1. Have an amazing time! I drove across county with my mom about ten years ago. We had an amazing time. Took the north route out and returned via New Mexico Texas Nashville. Was just great 6035 miles over 3 weeks. \nAnywhere you have never been will be a memory of a lifetime. \nRide safe!

  2. Because of the time of year you are going, i would look into a northern route to avoid the heat. Maybe go see the black hills of south Dakota then drop into colorado.

  3. If I were you I would pick up route 66 at the closest point possible from where you are coming from. Probably St. Louis. You’re not going to find much more of an interesting route with things to see.

  4. You should start by taking Historic Route 6 it begins in Willkes-Barre Pa. And goes to California. Only continuous US historic route remaining

  5. If it was me, my bucket list runs right through RT 66! Perfect opportunity to do it, I’m trying to plan it for next summer.

  6. Get #butlermap motorcycle maps to aid in the greatest routes to plan your way.

  7. No matter where you go if you use goggle maps app and tell it to avoid highways you will see some beautiful country.

  8. Pony Express Trail? Anyone ridden it?

  9. Why ship your bike back?? Just take another path on the return and see more sites.

  10. Blue ridge motorcycle only campground. North Carolina Great place

  11. you know if you can ride a bike across America why do you think you’ll have trouble riding a motorcycle

  12. Arizona in August is monsoon season. And it’s HOT! Anything west of Texas is scenic. There isn’t a bad route. Hey 66 is boring as Fuck. It’s just a service road to I55, I44 and I40 west of Ok City. With few exceptions it doesn’t exist from New Mexico westward.

  13. scenicbyways.info

  14. I did Seattle to San Antonio in 6 days casually, about the same distance.

  15. Put and extra day in for bad weather… was literally stopped for a night during a sand storm, they shut the freeway down, however I did get an extra 60 miles with no one else on i10 until the cops forced me off the road and I had to get a hotel for 12 hrs.

  16. Drop in and see Wall Drug and Devil’s Tower if you’re near those.

  17. North. Anywhere in the south will be miserably hot in July and August. Colorado, Montana, Idaho, maybe WA/OR (the coast is pretty).

  18. Be prepared for unbelievable heat! I beleive I almost had heatstroke the last time I rode through the desert in the summer. It was miserable… or plan on night riding.

  19. In Montana currently, left Harrisburg, PA two weeks ago. Next onto Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and so on to home. My only advice is do whatever you must to avoid routing anywhere near Chicago and while Route 90 West is fast (80+ mph) and convenient, the wind coming in from the North on the plains can be brutal. Go to Walmart and purchase a Random McNally Easy-to-Read version of the US Atlas. Super resource for locating smaller roads. Enjoy!

  20. F*cking auto-correct… RAND not Random.

  21. Might check out onlyinyourstate.com for travel ideas and motorcycle maps from Butler Maps.

  22. August in Kansas usually is HOT\nNormally will not cool off below 80\nNebraska will be a bit cooler usually in the daytime, but will have lower temps at night \nSouth Dakota will have both beat, it will be cooler at night, slower to warm up in the daytime, but it maybe as warm as both\nDo not ride after dark, too many critters on the road\nEvery time you stop for fuel, check the weather for thunderstorms on your smart phone\nVerizon is the only state wide cell service with GOOD coverage in kansas\nThe WIND will BLOW in the western part of all three states

  23. Careful driving out of Colorado. Got to hide the skunk smell.

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