What Hammock Tents are y’all using?


Hello everybody, What Hammock Tents are y’all using? Any suggestions? Thanks all.

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  1. Back country has life time tents you can trade up and get you money you spent on your old toward your new one Cool deal great tents

  2. I have used a Clark NX250 for about 7 years, great quality & comfort !!! https://www.junglehammock.com/

  3. I run a Hennessey. They are not cheap. But Quality never is. A couple options to look at are snake skins, they make set up & breakdown a breeze. & a zipper top then you can use it as a chair.

  4. Don’t hammocks hurt your backs?

  5. Hennessey Hammock. Had it since 2000. Used it this post weekend. Good camping hammock. They’ve upgraded a lot since I bought mine. Certainly worth a look.

  6. I like my Skeeter Beater.

  7. I’ve got a great DIY, a few yards of ripstop, some Dyneema cord for whoopie slings and nylon straps for the trees. Wrap it all up with a couple hours on the wife’s repetitive action thread injector apparatus and I’m swinging in the breeze!

  8. Following thread ????

  9. Blackbird XLC hammock and a Kelty 3 person tent.

  10. I just bought ENO with rain tarp and a bug screen. Been using it in my yard. I like it. The double doesn’t fit two maybe a nap.

  11. I got a nylon web 2-man, that I use a sleeping pad under a mummy bag. I string a tauntline between the trees and use a blue poly tarp. If you NEED an expen$ive rig, you’re sorta missing the point. It all fits in the little green pouch.

  12. Don’t go cheap if you want to give it a real chance. They don’t compare. I went with a \

  13. my first Ever Hang, (trying it in the back yard dont count) two yrs ago, since then I have picked up a 12×12 Kelty rain fly, snug blanket, snug under quitl, and that should cover me for Florida weather and some(I think)

  14. Decided to go with the Hennessy Hammocks Expedition Asym Zip! Thanks for the input guys!

  15. Dream Hammocks. Sparrow and a Thunderbird. I have 4 hammocks and Dream are the go to hammocks.

  16. Dreamhammock.com. Own several and love every one of them. Tried many others…. and wasn’t satisfied.

  17. Just a plain old parachute hammock. Nothing fancy.

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