ST1100 burns a bit of oil


I’ve noticed that my ST1100 has used a bit of oil in the 6 weeks I’ve had it (ie the difference between the upper & lower markers on the window).
I don’t know when it was last serviced before I bought it, or what oil was used.

Does anyone else find their ST1100 burns a bit of oil, or is this something to be concerned about..?
I’m used to big twins burning the oil, so I guess the V4 is similar?

Going to use Motul semi 10W40 on the next change, as it’s been good in my other bikes.

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  1. Mine doesn’t burn any as far as I know and if yours isn`t bellowing any obvious blue smoke are you sure that you don`t have a leak?

  2. have the cash and know how I would advise change of oil and filters if you are unsure of previous history

  3. Any obvious oil leaks? Mine is not far off of classic status but doesn’t burn oil. When I first got it I thought it was burning oil but I found that I made a schoolboy error by checking the level cold and topping it up. I won’t do that again. Doh!

  4. Mine doesn’t use any but it’s a 2002 model with only 34,000 miles on the clock.

  5. Mine hasn’t used a drop in over a year and around 4000 miles

  6. Pans don’t use engine oil as a rule. It’s possible the oil and filter haven’t been changed in some time and it’s contained with petrol with short run times on choke etc and it’s burnt the petrol out of the oil and then the level drops. I would change the oil and filter then recheck

  7. Mine doesn’t use any, 74,000 miles ST1100Y year 2000.

  8. Cheers all. I think the consensus is: change the oil & filter asap and monitor it for a bit.\nHopefully the piston rings aren’t on the way out! Only ever had that on a very old Kawasaki many moons ago..!

  9. My 1990 with 113,500 miles on it drops about 1/16″ in 4000 miles. I use Shell T6 5W40.

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