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New debate time. With me mentioning oil yesterday the age old question of is it okay to use car oil in a bike that revs a lot faster and higher whilst also having a wet clutch. Personally I have used both and found no difference apart from the price of bike oil being much higher. Your thoughts please ?

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  1. I used car oil in my Gsx750f for 10+ years. No problems!! Not in my 02 1100.

  2. 10-40 semi car for last 4 years.

  3. Use Diesel engine oil. The friction modifiers in auto oil can cause wet clutch slippage. ..

  4. Also bike oil foams less

  5. Bike oil has friction reducers in it as it’s mostly wet clutches in bikes. Shouldn’t use car oil. Once the clutch starts slipping u need to replace clutch. The oil doesn’t clean off.

  6. Any car oil that “energy conserving” will have high levels of friction modifiers that will result in slippage of wet clutches at high power. Synthetic or semi-synthetic diesel engine oils are perfect for wet clutch bikes. I heard “Yamalube” is just a heavy duty Shell diesel oil repackaged for twice the price.

  7. Always use a cheap car oil and change it often Better the engine has clean oil. For older bikes even the cheaper oils are better than the original spec

  8. I was told its all the same oil, just repackaged!!

  9. Nope friction modifiers can wreck a wet clutch.

  10. Like you Gaz Leach. I’ve used both over the (more than 40) years with no problems whatsoever. And you’re absolutely right. The MAIN difference is price.

  11. Right so totally different points of view there then. I have used car oil in every bike I have ever owned in 35yrs so we can call this a “real world” test and can categorically state that it has had no detrimental effects whatsoever on engine and clutch apart from one time I put Slick 50 in my Gsxr1100 and then only slight clutch slip on the drag strip so won’t be doing that again but I also won’t be paying extra because the container has a picture of a bike on it. At the end of the day everyone is going to use what they want much as I do, we may not be technically correct in doing so but what the hell I also voted leave ?

  12. I’d be interested to know how many folk have actually had a problem with the clutch slipping. Most of them, I’d wager have NO PERSONAL experience…… 3:)

  13. Yeah, I think people rely on reports by the actual oil companies myself and they are like politicians, tell you what you want to hear. I ignore stuff like that as a more of a “there’s only one way to find out” kinda guy ?

  14. Blaming slick 50 when I whipped his arse 4 straight times on drag strip ain’t working. Castrol gtx when it’s half price at Asda has my vote for both diesel van and bike. Clean oil beats expensive old puffy oil anytime

  15. When you have to turn Rickover down due to change in oil type you know it’s good. Still wish I could race with castrol R again oh that smell. Think I may put some in my racing c90

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