Are there any adjustments on the switch?


has anyone came across this before?
I have fitted braided brake lines to my 1100 and what an improvement it has made but because of the better brakes the lever does not seem to come far enough back to activate the brake light switch
are there any adjustments on the switch?
cheers Al

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  1. Is the lever not adjustable?

  2. Has the switch been dislodged whilst fitting the hoses as the lever only needs to move a very small amount to put the light on

  3. Going to have a good look at it now

  4. No adjustment on switch whatsoever,the slightest movement in the lever should activate the switch,it may just be worn,would suggest a new switch myself 🙂

  5. Unless the wire’s have come off the switch. I assume the brake light comes on when you press the rear brake ?

  6. Sorted combination of dirty switch (wd40) sorted that and shite connections Cheers for the assistance

  7. Anytime Al ,we have a wealth of knowledge on here between us all 🙂

  8. Why do braided lines make brakes better? (Genuine question)

  9. They hold the pressure better and don’t expand as much giving the spongy feel

  10. Fitted Hel braided hoses onto mine. Was like night and day. No more feet down trying to stop.

  11. Less feel but more transmission of fluid.

  12. Have brembo master cylinder on red Bird much much better

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