Shift level shaft stripped out!


I’m glad I wasn’t to far from home when this happened yesterday. I only have a little over 20,000 miles and shift level shaft stripped out!! It’s the little things..

Shift level shaft stripped out!

Shift level shaft stripped out!

Shift level shaft stripped out!

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  1. I have a shaft for it.

  2. Damn sorry to hear man. Hope you up and runnin soon

  3. Had same issue had to replace shaft and shifter less than hundred bucks fortunately

  4. That’s good I have an 04 super glide I bought used in 2014 I have as of yet only had your general stuff to do and a fuel line and gas pump. Wasnt to bad on fix or my pocket. Just ain’t seein another bruh with their bike down cuz I know when I cant ride I get P.M.S (parked motorcyle syndrome) and bein I live here on ohio and have health issues so riding when its to cold isnt good on me I have P.M.S for atleast 3 months lol!

  5. Same problem recently, $70 fix through Harley

  6. Mine went out at 15k miles… it’s a notorious poor engineering issue. Harley needs buck up and fix it, with larger/deeper teeth on the shaft. In fact, a machinist could make a nice income making the solution.

  7. I was 400 miles from home when mine did that. I did this. Heel shifters are good for more than shifting with your heel.

  8. Happened to my friend last week while we were heading for a ride. Fortunately only a couple miles out of town.

  9. H.O.N.D.A. , Harley Owners Need Dependable Alternatives

  10. That’s all those heel shifters are good for

  11. OH FUCK DUDE!!!!!
    That SUCKS!!!!!
    Good thing you were close

  12. Update all fixed!! Dealer said it happens all the time. I’m going to carry on in my bag!!

  13. Happened to me going up Beartooth Pass coming home from Sturgis in 2015. My bike was a 2014 Streetglide. My 2018 Streetglide Special shift linkage seems beefier.

  14. That’s a bitch

  15. Nothing a little crazy glue can’t fix

  16. OK it’s your bike…so every 30 days do a bolt and nut check tighten them all up axles & check every thing and check tires & air pressure’s and lights it’s part of owning a bike.

  17. It happened to me on 14 street Glide back in June just getting off work

  18. It is a common thing. The material of the shaft is soft and the lever is hardened. How else will they make more money.

  19. Yep it happens

  20. The HD of Gillette Wyo owner told me those levers etc is part of service to be periodically performed under ‘tightening of critical fasteners’. I need to to do mine.

  21. Check everything ,before riding,looks may have been loose for awhile.

  22. You just to keep it tight no matter what you ride

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