Vulcan Cruiser Hypercharger


Question for anyone that can help me out had a hypercharger installed but a bike shop and I see this hose which is hanging down put my finger on it when bike is running come to find out that it's a vac hose how do I fix this problem without sucking shit into the motor thanks for the help

Vulcan Cruiser Hypercharger

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  1. Thats probably the crankcase vent put a fiter on it and tuck it under the tank.

  2. I just put a coffee filter on it now until tomorrow when I can get to the Kwai dealer lol

  3. Should be a fitting on the base of the filter the hose attached to.

  4. Ok another ? Paint I have three colours I really like one is brandy wine wild
    Cherry and a cobalt blue I’m leaning towards the brandy wine

  5. Paint on bike is in bad shape and would like something different

  6. Have to have a look

  7. Thanks David appreciate brother

  8. If it’s a big 5/8 line it is the crankcase breather vent it just fell off the small fitting on the base plate.

  9. Brandy wine looks nice.

  10. Have to see if it came off the hyper

  11. David I love it

  12. Now would u two tone it or leave it plain with a pin stripe

  13. Lol having fun with these conversation

  14. You’ll by a vacuum fitting reducer and 3/8 vacuum Line cut the large 5/8 back some add vacuum fitting reducer slide the smaller hose on and clamp. The line is so big it just doesnt fit anything most of the time.

  15. K I’ll talk to freedom cycle tomorrow

  16. Where does it come from because it just mite get plugged

  17. I’m going to have to take the tank off it comes down from up there

  18. Yes tank the tank off

  19. Normally there are no vacuum fittings at all on a bike. Except crankcase vent on the base plate but it really isn’t a vacuum port, just a vent port. It might suck a little.

  20. You have a exhaust vacuum at the reed valves. The exhaust pulls air from a couple of air valves that get clean air from a fitting on the inside of the air filter. Of course the air valves are gone now.

  21. It might be that. There will be a y fitting and one hose to the front and one hose to the rear near the exhaust . You can plug it. You’ll hear people say marbling they put a marble in the hose to plug it.

  22. Normally if it isn’t plugged the bike will backfire in the exhaust during deceleration

  23. I put hyper on her plus Vance and Hines true duals and a poet commander it does a little back fir just in first to second and when she’s warm notta thing

  24. This is the vacuum hose that normally comes into the back of the dogbowl. Although mine is still on I have it plugged as per gadgets page

  25. If it is definitely a vacuum that is what it is and should be plugged. It wont hurt your bike if it’s not plugged. Unless you blow your packing out of your silencers (If it uses packing).

  26. lol I wanted to pull them out

  27. You still need to take the tank off and make sure what your looking at. The tank removal should take 10 minutes or so first time. You need to find out what they did with the crank vent, if its been blocked off eventually you be blowing motor gaskets.

  28. Yep I’ll have it all fixed up tomorrow that’s for sure

  29. Bike doesn’t run well with a blocked crankcase breather. You put a negative pressure in your block the rings seal better etc. The pistons move up and down easier also. Either fitt it on the back of your air cleaner breather with reducer vacuum fittings or by a small filter and put it under your tank.

  30. 2 tone with the gold pin

  31. Two tone is great but that candy paint is just the bomb all itself.

  32. I like to give bikes the third or second color by changing the chrome pieces to a color

  33. you can go to auto store buy trany vent or rear end vent

  34. Jeff Beck One more thing thats Very important, what happened to the intake air temperature sensor !!!

  35. that will work cause trans filter or rearend filter are 1 way valves

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