08 Road King Classic


Need some help… On my 08 Road King Classic Anniv i Upgraded turns front and back with kuryakyn smoke leds and kuryakyn smoke led tail light. Initial issue was security key stayed on and quick blinking.. i installed voltage regulator and signals are all good.. When pulling into the garage i realized my brake light isn’t functioning. It comes on with the bike and stays on. If you unplug the fuse the brake light dims to normal but still wont function when brake is applied. Plug fuse back in and brake light fully illuminates but wont go back off.. any suggestions..

08 Road King Classic

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  1. I’m stumped ud83eudd14 I will suggest contacting a shop or google that

  2. Check switch under front brake leaver my 06 did same thing

  3. One of your brake light switches either the rear or the front probably the front

  4. I guess my question is. Was it doing that before you replaced the lights with your brakes

  5. I believe it was and i just hadn’t noticed. I replaced my grips a few days ago and apparently that was when i screwed up the switch.. i assumed it was working but when i changed lights i noticed…

  6. Ugh. Electrical issues suck.

  7. Is the bike lowered?

  8. Loosen two screws and adjust 1/8 inch and all good now

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