Servicing linkagesuspension bearings for X Trainer


I'm servicing linkagesuspension bearings. How can I disassemble this two? Can't pull inserts out. Bigger ones was easy.


Servicing linkagesuspension bearings for X Trainer

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  1. use a vice and two old sockets or threaded bar to pull through

  2. Got to remove dust covers first then give the roller a tap with hammer and socket

  3. Find a hidraulic press, easy way and the corect way.

  4. DONT FORCE THROUGH Look at the spares files think these are the ones with shouldered washers so wont pull through..its in two parts to get to the bearing..

  5. I would have least washed the parts before doing a sevice

  6. I asked this same question the other day. That smaller bearing is configured different than the two larger. Go to the following link and scroll to the bottom where user by the name of Trf Vern gave me a solution that worked perfectly for disassembling that smaller bearing-

  7. Tap the inner bushings out with a drift, it’s tight because it is an interference fit with the link. You can then use a puller or socket if you want to replace the bearing. I just greased mine, it had virtually none

  8. Motion Pro makes a kit to extract linkage bearings.

  9. I can’t believe people are saying to push the bearing out without first advising to remove the outer bushings. If the guy is asking the question, he needs all steps. Trying to remove the bearing without first pulling the bushings, would cause some serious damage.

  10. These never have grease and should be serviced from new.
    I use a punch and tap to get
    them apart using the gap inside where the bolt goes through tapping into a 21mm socket. Once you tap one side out it is easy to get the other side out. If you have any time on your bike and you did not grease when new, I would order a new bearing as yours is probably rusted tight.
    You can press the race out with a vice and socket and install the new one the same way.

  11. Thanks guys for all your answers! Will try tapping tomorrow.

  12. needle bearings are an absolute balls to get out.. depending on if youre doing it yourself or how much your local tech charges per hour, it can sometimes be cheaper to replace the linkage pivot and wishbone as they can come pre-installed with bearings

  13. try the socket trick. Works like a charm.

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