BETA X Trainer Disk Problem!


Look at my disk… sleep inside and a month old bike wtf….

BETA X Trainer Disk Problem!

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  1. Looks ridden hard and put away wet!

  2. 1 month? with all that rust? no way!!

  3. I have this problem on my beta engine bolts,thay look like 1000 years alldnest. Wtf beta

  4. Weird ahahah l’eau est salu00e9 par chez vous

  5. Always spray your brakes down with WD-40 to prevent rusting…… and stopping

    But seriously if it’s cosmetic I wouldn’t worry about it

  6. Is it stored outside in the rain? That seems a little premature.

  7. Another item that will remove the protective coating is harsh Cleaners. What do you use to wash the bike. We only use Alco Cleaning products on our bikes.

  8. Have you been riding at the ocean beach?

  9. My Beta rear disc after many muddy rides.

  10. Looks like snow and salt all over it

  11. How can the aluminium hub have the same rust of the steel disc brake?? weird story here…

  12. Don’t use WD-40 on disc’s our you use is brake cleaner only and wide around the disc with a very clean cloth and do the some on all the bolts WD-40 wheel’s and frame etc takes all day to clean it but the bike still looks as new as the day I got it and use it every 2 weeks

  13. The WD40 post was an (obvious) joke.

  14. is this dirt or spoke damage too?

  15. Yeah but some people full for it

  16. Clean it off if it dose not clean up may need to get a new Spoke sorry to say that

  17. Mines three years old and doesn’t look like that. Dont use corrosive cleaners

  18. There’s probably a lot of moisture in the air wherever you’re storing it, even if it’s inside a garage. I kept a bike in my parents garage and it did the same thing. They often leave the garage doors open and there’s a lot of fog in the area.

  19. Ride more. Worry less.

  20. What do you wash your bike with? Maybe too harsh?

  21. Never have used any cleaner other than soap for car….

  22. how does the front disc and hub look? It must have been ridden through the same stuff as the rear.

  23. My 2016 ktm200xcw look like new…. same water, same riding spot… same soap… same shit

  24. No way possible you have used or came across some corrosive material, I’ve had dozens of Betas, never never no never saw anything like this.

  25. don’t know what to tell you Valu00e9rie, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about various problems, but corrosion isn’t one of them, especially that chainud83dude28.

  26. A lot of iron in your washing water?

  27. It has marked the alloy too, must be a chemical reaction of some kind

  28. Acid rain is real.

  29. Probably "round up" chemical that farmer apply after the season… stick to the dirt and didnt wash right after use….

  30. Fail of production or contact with salt

  31. it comes over the see to Canada…proberly bad packed…

  32. La stock pas dans une grotte 😉

  33. Must be that Quebec water

  34. Exhaust drool?

  35. Do you store chlorine for a pool in the same garage?

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