RK Tek heads on the XTrainers?


Any riders with RK Tek heads on their XTrainers here? I will be installing mine tomorrow. Any problems with fitting the head, or there is enough of space? What about jetting, do I need to change anything or just stick with Beta manual? I will report how it works in a week or two ­čÖé

 RK Tek heads on the XTrainers?

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  1. I imagine Kelsey gave you all the information you need to install the head and jet accordingly. He’s usually extremely good to deal with.

    But I haven’t heard of anyone running that head on the x-trainer. I can’t wait to hear how it works

  2. They must of come out with it in the last few months. They offered to recut mine. Install the ktm head o rings.

  3. Running one on my 300 RR. I’d consider it one of the top purchases for the bike.

  4. Still following the beta jetting chart no problem.

  5. 18 XT with lectron

  6. RK told me that there is an interface problem on the XT with the petcock using their head. Can anyone confirm?

  7. Just a follow up. I did purchase and installed. I have a 2017 XT, I had no clearance problems. My compression test with factory head was 150 psi, with the RK head it went up to 190 psi. Initial ride was very noticeable. Notice more and chrisp power through all RPM range. I’m also going to richen up carb, now is running leaner with RK head.

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