Safety recall for the cylinder bracket?


Did anybody else get the safety recall? For the cylinder bracket

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  1. I have a 2018 zforce 500 with 130 miles on it. With a list of shit it's going on the shop for. I'm absolutely pissed but at the same time I really like the machine lol

  2. I'm regretting I ever bought one

  3. I wouldn't be worried about the time. I know my shop, and all the shops in my area, are all 3-4 weeks booked. Also I'm not a CF Moto dealer but it's the same with all manufacturers, dealer calls and makes a claim and sometimes it's approved within a day, sometimes they want pictures or they send a rep out if it's of particular interest to them, and then you wait for them to approve or deny it…

  4. Ok thanks for the info

  5. My dealer is swamped right now in his service department. He services all brands plus sells cfmoto , kawasaki , and few other brands so this time year atv service departments are simply swamped because its riding season so everyone is riding and breaking there machines lol. I think your going have wait time no matter where you go.

  6. CFMoto parts are here in 2-3 days. In 14 months we have had one back-ordered screw. I carry 5 other brands, including Yamaha and have never seen a more responsive warranty department or fill rate for parts. It likely is not CFMoto. Just because a customer drops their unit off does not mean it gets looked at the very minute and parts ordered. There is usually a period of time to get it into the service department, determine the cause, order the parts, repair the issue, test it, follow up with warranty and then call the customer for pickup. If it is a warranty issue there may be a significant delay if the there is a question as to whether it is warranty or not. Just because clutches fail does not mean they are warrantied. The warranty covers manufacturer defects not misuse. Every single customer says "I didn't misuse it" but clutches are like a book. They tell you almost exactly what happened if you know what you are looking for. The manufacturers sometimes need pictures and/or the parts back for their technicians and/or engineers to determine the cause which takes time. Not all clutch failures are misuse- but neither are they manufacturers defect……CfMoto does not automatically deny borderline claims. They actually take the time to look at them.

  7. Hi Steve thanks for the information and as for the clutches they were never right from the day I picked it up

  8. What was wrong with them?

  9. They haven't determined the actual cause because they are waiting to get the go ahead to tear it down but it's something to do with the wet clutch it's been clunking and slipping since new

  10. And also atv dosent want to start in 25 degree celcius weather either I've already changed a spark plug that was fouled rear main seal started leaking after 100km of trail riding and fuel gauge will read empty when you have half a tank

  11. That sucks! All should be an easy fix though. Our experience with them has been completely different. We have sold approximately 150 CFmoto's in the last 14 months and have had almost no issues. I know the Canadian units are different in alot of respects as well as who backs the warranty so maybe that has something to do with it.

  12. I'm not used to this new brand of atv back in 2006 I had a Suzuki Vinson 500 I put 6500km on it of very hard abuse and it never once let me down

  13. I hear what you are saying but 12 years ago things were different- There were very few UTV's sucking up all the development $$, fuel was very different, EPA emissions weren't as aggressive, noise regulations were looser, etc and with all that buyers expect everything at much less. In the States a CFforce 500HO runs about $6000. The closest competitor is at least $2000 higher, sometimes even double that. I bet your Vinson was more than that over a decade ago! CfMoto gives you a fantastic machine for a very reasonable price with a ton of features like Power Steering. I think that gets lost sometimes. Here's something else- you have an unbelievable warranty that you would be paying for repairs out of pocket on most other brands.

  14. Thank you everyone for your input on these machines I hope to have none up and running soon enough

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