Should I take the cylinder off?


Hi all, so as per pic below my reed petal has broken and is now somewhere in my bottom end ?

Question is what do I do now ? Should I take the cylinder off and see if I can’t fish it out though I doubt it would be that easy,,,,

Is this rebuild time ?

Cheers for any help / info ?



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Answers ( No )


    Usually the carbon fibre reeds pass through the engine without doing any serious damage. I wouldnt worry about a rebuild unless the bike doesnt run ok when the new reeds are fitted, in wh8ich case pull off the top end and inspect.


    Yeah they are softer then steel they won't gauge nothing and they normally come out over time how every u can get particalls in the main bearings and gives it that rough feeling notchy when u turn it over
    U could take the engine out the cylinder out and spray shit loads of carby cleaner and compressed are in the ports to the crank case, between the crank and every where else in between then blow it out with compressed air
    Make sure to re oil everything though before assembly


    My mates Kato was like that of the showroom floor 2016 sx 250

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