2018 C Force 500 HO 563 KM


2018 C force 500 ho 563 km on it internal clutches are shot bike dosent want to start when cold engine seals leaking fuel gauge dont work been in the shop for a week and not a single phone call

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  1. No…Can you post it?

  2. Which model?

  3. No how can I find out more info on this

  4. Not all units in the year range and models are affected. If yours is included you will get a recall letter or you can ask your dealer to lookup your vin to check.


  5. I am a dealer and just got this letter in the mail yesterday. It is for the 400, 500s, and 500HO. It's between certain vin numbers. Call your dealer or wait for a letter

  6. Joey Fabinski. Ours in this recall?

  7. I think this is the 1st right? 1st recall ive seen in almost 3 years.

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