Safe heat source in a tent


What do you use as a safe heat source in a tent? No electricity!

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  1. More heart beats.

  2. Catalytic heater

  3. I use my summer weight bag as a bag liner in my winter weight bag:) I also use chemical hand warmer envelops (one by my feeties and one up around my hands. ‘Course I’m a lizard and never camp much below freezing unless I can’t help it.

  4. Little Buddy Propane heater. Is safe in closed area as long as you use the little screw on bottles

  5. Coleman Sportcat. Gotta keep the window cracked if your in a small tent but works great and is pretty compact.

  6. Heat rocks around fire, then hug the warmth out of them all night long.

  7. Cuddle the wife

  8. Zero degree sleeping bag, one time use hand warmer by me feet, and the candlelier hanging from the roof of the tent.

  9. These take a little space in your bag but they work very well. If you have a small low tent, a sterno can can heat it up nicely too..

  10. when I was in the Army, I was following a group of tanks during winter Reforger in germany. I bottomed out in our Gamma Goat and the Lt left me there. We had a box of c rations and our sleeping bags. Crawled into our sleeping bags after eating some c’s. Army sleeping bags will keep you warm if you button up. 🙂 BTW that Lt was discharged from the military after deserting me and my assistant. We were the company medics.

  11. That is a sad story.

  12. My gortex sleeping bag doesn’t complain

  13. Sleeping pad, a silk sack inside your regular bag is said to give your outer bag a 15-20 degree difference than its rating. Thermal underwear if more heat needed.
    An 80# golden retriever or Labrador also helps.

  14. A big can of beans and a +15u00b0 Casper Eureka mummy bag.

  15. Layers and a good sleeping bag

  16. Another person

  17. Small women in a sleeping bag usually helps a bunch? They have plastic/foil looking heat packs that produce heat for several hours. They come in several sizes, and they don’t activate until you want them too.

  18. Golden Retreiver

  19. Spooning or 1 hour of nookie works

  20. a cabelo’s sleeping bag rated under zero. don’t matter if its wet it keeps me warm it don’t matter how cold it is,it keeps me warm and also I tuck a blanket inside because if its hot out, it has enough cushion to sink into and the other blanket lightly covers me to keep out the midnight chill. But it don’t talk. 🙂

  21. Someone else’s body to spoon up to.

  22. fill hot water into my platypus container and put it into my sleeping bag

  23. Nothing as you are in a plastic tent!

  24. A girlfriend

  25. My blow-up doll works well when filled with warm water.

  26. Found this Under sleeping bag warmers. If you heat up your sleeping bag to a cozy warm it always seems twice as cold when you need to get out

  27. The cold comes from under too if you are using a inflatable mattress. Make sure to put a good amount of blankets between you and the mattress

  28. Sleep with a fat bottom girl with big boobs helps

  29. I keep the Hand and or feet warmers in my bike at all time I can put them in my gloves and take that chill out fast. BUT!! have to tell my story, I threw one down my shirt and it went under all my clothes. I was warm riding loved it. BUT! when I took my clothes off I realized I had burnt my "girl" bad , do not let thm make skin contack make sure there is some clothes between you and the heat pad. and I can put in my hands under my gloves and had no problem.

  30. Candle lantern

  31. If it is that cold, should you be riding? Good sleeping bag or motel.

  32. Good old fashioned body heat

  33. Sleep in a hammock off the ground, put blankets on the hammock then put a sleeping bag in on top of those unzipped. Climb inside and zip it up. Being off the ground will help you stay warmer than you will in a tent on the ground using the right style of hammock the blankets under the sleeping bag will actually help to wrap you tighter inside the sleeping bag too. I’m going elk hunting next week the overnight temps are going to be near 32degrees. That is how I’m sleeping for five days.

  34. You can always take hot rocks from your fire and put them under your hammock to radiate heat from the ground too. I take a small tarp to put up over the hammock with strings and stakes to the ground too just in case of rain, dew, or snow. If you use both the rocks and the tarp it will stay quite toasty and comfortable. Carry welding gloves or use a stick to push the rocks where you want them. If it gets windy you could also warm up your bike and park it on the upwind side of your hammock it will radiate heat for a few hours.
    Anyway I hope this helps you out, good luck on your camping adventure!!!!!

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