How I carry my dog


Here's one for the guy who wanted to see how I carry my dog.

How I carry my dog

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  1. I would have to weld that one myself and put a kicker in between all 3 90u00b0’s I would worry about my dog if I didn’t work it.

  2. I wish i could find a seat mount for a 55 pound dog. He currently rides in a trailer.

  3. A couple of gussets on that would make me feel better…..

  4. jesus.. thats precarious looking..

  5. That’s as bad as tying it on to the roof of your car.

  6. Don’t forget to put the pin in the hitch.

  7. LMFAO ! When deep down you really hate your dog….tff..

  8. I just don’t understand why one would put their supposed beloved pet in harms way like this. It is bad enough that we ride amongst many idiots and then in some cases we add a partner of our choice. But, our pets cannot speak for themselves and do not know how to react in an emergency.
    Sorry, but I just can’t get on board with it.

  9. You people are all crazy I can sit on the back of it I weigh 240 lbs. the dog weighs 12, hes been all over the country and has a fit if I leave without him, all you worry warts just leave yours at home, it’s not a cow I’m carrying it’s a little dog, get over your righteous selves !

  10. Dale South I would be bracing the tow frame the dog is on it will snap with out any gussets on it. that is my opinion anyway.

  11. Katie Haskins, I don’t think ZZ would like it…

  12. My bloodhound would never fit

  13. Mine loves to ride. I think this shot was on the ALCAN, but not sure where exactly. Maybe British Columbia.

  14. Too Me looks very weak at the 90 deg angles and NO Stress plates….sure that dog cant complain hes Too scared to Even Bark !…kinda cruel in my way of thinking and i bet it wobbles around a whole lots too !

  15. Saved the big $ by omitting gussets. Just add them so it doesn’t look like something in a cartoon. Would also reduce bouncing so Fifi stops thinking you are a cheapskate.

  16. If you flop your bike over on its side, that canvas bag isn’t going to provide any protection for the dog. I would think a plastic carrier would offer a little more protection than that canvas bag.

  17. Best way to ride with a dog…

  18. Im sure Dale loves his dog more than most people like people, and at first sight it looks precarious. But I’m sure reading his replies this is safe. Ya know unless a cage pulls out in front of you then God Bless US ALL.

  19. I have a 200+ lbs mastiff, guess he will have to get his own bike, or maybe a sidecar

  20. Love the bike!

  21. Mitt Romney…from Connecticut. Finally traded in his station wagon. Got a Gold Wing.

  22. Did you make it yourself?

  23. i do ride with my dog as well so i am not being negative. as an engineer working with metals everyday i do understand using plugs and welds, however the longer the lever the greater the force. any vibration, bump or even the force of the wind will magnify the stress on those 90 degree welds. it is strictly constructive help to recommend some gussets as cheap insurance to protecting your best friend. i would also suggest a ratchet strip from the front corners of the carrier base to your luggage rack to minimize lateral motion and as an insurance policy

  24. Now that’s different and pretty slick.

  25. 90# Golden Retriever is too big for a carrier – hence my Holly Hauler…

  26. Jeff Cooper we can carry Nova

  27. Dale South looks great I am sure your dog loves every minute of riding with you.

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