Lighting in camp


So, what do you use for lighting in camp? Flashlights? Small lanterns? What?

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  1. My super
    Night Vision.
    I am very fond of light & heat reflectors.

  2. Solor light 2 brightness just havevit out during the day u00a35

  3. luminoodles and luci’s.

  4. Coleman headlamp. I like it because it is adjustable up and down while wearing.

  5. We use head lamps and this awesome inflatable solar charged light. So far so good inflated and deflated tied on back bag of bike at least 30 times so far

  6. BioLite stringers, charge them up during the day while riding and they’re perfect in the evening.

  7. Lanterns outside of tent, headlamps inside tent and to go to the latrine

  8. When all else fails, I put a lighted (sic) match to the tent….

  9. A jar of fireflies

  10. All of the above

  11. I use clear xmas lights battery operated u00a31 From the pound shop

  12. We have a small battery operated lantern that we hang at the top of the tent for extra lighting

  13. Have you never camped?

  14. when i have been camping. we used a deep cycle battery with a battery tender.. the battery lasts for days and we have lights for everything

  15. and can charge our phones, can not use a hairdryer thou

  16. Headlamps and rechargeable, collapsible led solar charging lamp.

  17. We use a trouble light when electricity is available…battery lantern when it isn’t…

  18. just turn on the switch when you open the door to the motel room

  19. LED headlamp.

  20. A bottle of water setting on a LED pod light makes a pretty good lantern inside the tent. 😉 And you have water to drink in the middle of the night when you wake up thirsty.

  21. I use these. Many to choose from on Amazon. Search LED Lanterns.

  22. A small LED flashlight and a nice campfire..

  23. cell phone flashlight.

  24. Campfire and then sleep

  25. I have a solar lantern… works great.

  26. Handsfree headlamp


    These work fantastic, just set them in the sun to charge during the day at your camp! We also keep them on the nightstand while at home for emergencies and power outages and the table lamp keeps them charged!

  28. Thorium fusion reactor. Powers my whole camp. Lol

  29. Walmart sells a $15 Everready Tough headlamp that used AA batteries. I really like it.

  30. Petzl headlamp and solar charged inflateable lantern from Amazon – Luci light I think is the name

  31. I did not read this correctly i use a propane lamp

  32. Flashlight and a small battery pattern.

  33. lanterns work the beast

  34. Sexy headlamps!!! But if I’m in one place long enough to charge, I have solar string lights and lamps.

  35. Black Diamond "Apollo" – Collapsible Light – 4 AA Batteries

  36. solar lamp gives out a lot of light. but mostly a flashlight to tired to do all the leg work. ride, set up tent , sleep, load up and ride.

  37. Luci light – thats the one – works well but be patient with the recharge

  38. Lanterns for sure. The solar charged ones are okay. Battery ones work allright if you have a place to re-charge them

  39. Candle lantern

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