RVF and the VFR have the same shape fuel tanks?


Hi all, can anyone tell me if the rvf and the vfr have the same shape fuel tanks?

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  1. No different shape slightly.

  2. hi dan looking at buying this tank protector but this is for a rvf i have the vfr400 nc30 its carbon would love to buy it for the bike but if it doesnt fit then its no good to me

    • It will not fit. VFR tank is narrower in this area than RVF tank. A carbon protector for the RVF shape, will be too large on the VFR tank, and will not fit correctly.

  3. No different tanks, RVF has separate front panel for air ducts. Nc30 has a breather.

  4. hi dave what about the shape at the rear really its about the shape at the rear where the usual tank protector goes thats what i am after really sorry i didnt explain myself better is that the same shape to fit the carbon protector on in the picture.

  5. Think they are more or less the same shape. James Caswell can confirm?

  6. They are quite different The 35 tank has quite a bit more of a slope, larger radius curve They do seem pretty close but side by side pretty different.

  7. hi james looking at the picture do you think it would fit the vfr or is it too wide

  8. I personally wouldnt

  9. Thanks james

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