98 VN1500 Electrical Issue


G’day from Australia vulcan riders, im hoping to pick some brains with an electrical issue I have with my bike, 98 vn1500 carbie, I have ridden the bike all day without a problem, I got back home turned the bike off and now the ignition light (green one in between 2 reds on tank) does not illuminate and the bike won’t crank or starter won’t even engage, the battery has full charge,engine in neutral (neutral light also works), clutch in/out doesn’t matter, stand up/down doesn’t matter. Is there Any other particular place I should start to look? Seems weird why all lights work other than the green ignition light. I’m Thinking possibly the kill switch on handlebars is playing up is that common? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Check your kickstand switch.

  2. My kill switch was giving me problems. Had to switch it on and off several times. I still need to take it apart and clean it.

  3. 30 amp fuse for ignition,usually located separate from the other fuses.

  4. I’ve heard kill switch stories ….

  5. Logic points to the kill switch being first place to look. Could get lucky.

  6. Would the ignition fuse cause only ignition to blow though? I was under the impression it wouldn’t let any lights turn on.

  7. 30amp fuse would be a good place to start. I once had a similar problem though and it turned out to be the starter relay – relay was dead and it killed everything on the bike. Replaced the relay and everything was then fine, might be worth checking.

  8. I Have half sourced it down to the actual ignition dial thing on top of the tank, sorted that and I have now got it cranking over but still no ignition light on and no spark?

  9. Chase the power

  10. possible starter relay.. ? If you have a ele test meter check for power in – out of place’s . see if the voltage drops some place ? has to be something like that some where. 🙁

  11. Check the ignition resistor on the yellow wire going into the ecu

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