Electra glide ultra aftermarket air filter kit


I have a stock 2014 Electra glide ultra limited and I am wanting to put a aftermarket air filter kit on it. If I do will I have to tune it or will it be ok

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  1. I was told you had to tune. So I did stage 1 all at once so I only had to tune 1 time.

  2. Following

  3. Going to need a tuner or go get it dynoed.

  4. I put an after market high flow air filter…a complete after market Cobra Exaust from the head back on my 2013 Heritage Softail Classic 103 cubic inch and never tuned any thing not paying $500.00 for a tuner the bitch runs fine sounds great also….

  5. I have RC slip ons. They was o the bike when I bought it from Harley. I am new to all this. I was told if I added the air cleaner above I would need a tuner. Plus I wanna take baffles out of slip ons bc it is to quite. I have a 09 sporty and took baffles out of factory pipes and it runs fine

    • Not big on taking baffels out cause it dose need back pressure you do what you want to your bike when I had my 2012 Electra Glide Classic I bought it for the simple fact of comfort and just put slip ons on it to drown out the sound of the engine but not the radio CD player

  6. You can add a exhaust with out a turner. If you add a air filter you have to get a turner or have it dyno tuned. I’m saving for a turner and air cleaner kit.

  7. I have a 14 limited, never needed a tuner for stage 1. I have now done stage 4 and need the tuner. You will be fine.

  8. Question is why? Stock air box flows more air than a stock bike needs and besides, I think the new style looks awesome.

  9. This is a wives tale…no need for the tuner…if not changing internals. Bolt on and go.

  10. Have Harley do a stage one down load that’s what I do it’s about 100 bucks

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