Question about servicing my 2016 uforce 500


I have a question about servicing my 2016 uforce 500. Ive had my first service per mileage. How many miles for the second and thereafter. Thanks, thats one of my riding partners.

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  1. Your users manual will outline service intervals. That’s the same look that’s on my dog’s face when she gets to go for a ride too.

  2. No my manual doesnt say anything other than how to service it. It doesnt say at which miles or hour’s

  3. You are going to have zerks on your suspension points and drive shaft. Air filter pre filter should be cleaned and then oiled with PJ filter oil. . Check radiator fluid. Every 25 miles or ride. Oil and Filter 4 times a year with the seasons. Synthetic blend for summer, full synthetic winter(cold). Plug(s) every year. Check drive belt 4 times a year and replace every year. Clutch and bearing greased and cleaned every year, Hot dessert conditions 2times a year. Timing and valves after intial 400 miles once every 4 years. This is based on conservative trail riding. If you really give it the throttle increase these intervals. There should be utube videos on most of this stuff. General SxS maint is the same on all brands. Just be sure of the fluids are the highest quality. Remember these rigs are for seeing the outdoors, they will last if you do the work on them, which is not hard. Just ask anytime for advice!

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