2013 CF Moto Z6 Temp Gauge Problem


Have a 2013 cfmoto z6. Have a question on the temp gauge even after running it for awhile temperature only stays on one bar. The fan will kick on (after I replaced fan relay fuse and radiator temp sensor) when needed but only fluctuates to two bars at the most. Is this normal for the gauge?

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  1. My 1st sensor that came in mine only ran 2 bars , it gave up around 140 miles. New sensor temp gauge always runs 3 bars at normal operating temps. Before it goes to 4 fan kicks on. I was told 3 bars is normal at operating temperature

  2. 1 bar , or 2 at most at operating temp isn’t normal at all.

  3. Mine is like Bill’s second one. 3 bars normal and fan comes on at 4. I say replace the temp sensor.

  4. It’s a brand new temp sensor. Had to replace it cause fan wasn’t coming on. Fan turns on at proper temp but temp on cluster doesn’t fluctuate until I turn off for a min then turn back on then it will show two bars until fan cools it to one then fan shuts off

  5. My z6 goes to 3 bars then the fan kicks on until it’s down to 1 bar and repeat

  6. Thanks for the help guys got the part ordered and on the way

  7. Well crap the part came in (water temperature sensor) replaced the sensor, cranked her up and the gauge is still showing one bar. Any more ideas would be helpful. Thanks 🙂

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